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Disney Paris...what do you do when the kids are in bed?

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Arcticbunny Sat 07-Feb-15 21:34:05

Just that really... We've booked the New York for 4 nights. Friends who've been previously say they end up camping in the bathroom until the kids are asleep.
Obviously wouldn't leave the kids alone but is the bathroom really the only option?
Any advice from others who've been would greatly appreciated!

cococandyfloss Sat 07-Feb-15 22:27:49

We would be out in the parks until late -basically until it closed and up again early for Extra magic hours so really wouldn't have much free evening time.
My kids were pretty shattered too so fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows so wasn't a lot of waiting for them to sleep.

BloodyDogHairs Sat 07-Feb-15 22:33:27

Sleep here too, my DC's are usually late to bed so after a long day its usually lights out and bed all at the same time or keep a lamp on and I sit checking fb etc.

BigBlackCatLady Sat 07-Feb-15 22:38:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

funnyface31 Sat 07-Feb-15 22:42:27

I echo sleep, it's exhausting! X

sosix Sat 07-Feb-15 22:42:55

We went when eldest were 6 and 3 fir same length stay. We were so knackered from full on days we just all chilled out after dinner and went sleep early. But then im not really into putting my to bed early on holiday.

PatriciaHolm Sat 07-Feb-15 22:53:14

We booked the Davy Crockett so they went to bed in the bunk room and we stayed up drinking wine and watching telly!

We have spent many an evening in the corridor outside a quad room though.

noramum Sun 08-Feb-15 13:00:34


On the first day we arrived we went for dinner at 7.30pm and were back at the hotel at 9pm, asleep at 9.30 - all of us.

Second day - we watched the parade and the dinner and back to the hotel. Despite DD - and us - having a nap we were all asleep at 9.30pm again.

We used the early hours and had breakfast before, so up each morning at 7am as well.

Arcticbunny Sun 08-Feb-15 22:08:19

Thanks everyone for your comments. General consensus then is sleep!! DCs will be 2.5 and 6 so will exhausted by bedtime...hopefully...

Groovee Sun 08-Feb-15 22:17:56

Sleep for me too.

Fairylea Sun 08-Feb-15 22:20:35

Sleep here too. I was absolutely shattered and when dd went to sleep I was surprised that I fell asleep too!

nerfgunsftw Sun 08-Feb-15 22:21:35


Heels99 Mon 09-Feb-15 09:34:32

Sleep, after kids fell asleep we would get drinks from the bar and have them in our room and read our kindles for a bit. Room was massive.

plipplops Wed 11-Feb-15 09:13:09

Sleep, or read on a dimly lit iPad/listen to a podcast in the dark until DDs are asleep, then turn the light on a bit and have a chat

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