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Barcelona hotel for me and 10 yr old DD?

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redundantandbitter Tue 27-Jan-15 21:13:00

Taking my DD to barcelona for her birthday and have booked flights....but need a hotel /apartment whatever for 2 nights in April. Never been to barcelona before. Any suggestions?

revealall Wed 28-Jan-15 18:52:31

I've been a number of times and would recommend looking for a hotel near Port Vell. For some reason they seem to build or renovate all their hotels in the middle of town face into towards the mountains. However I think a big selling point of the city is that it is right in the Med.
The Duquesa du Cardonna is one I always recommend as it has lovely views over the sea and harbour.; all yatchs and Palm trees but is the right side of the road for the city. The twisty old town with it's little bars and restaurants is right behind the hotel. Easy to get to all the sights, walk to the beach and the cinema and more commercial eateries of the modern shopping centre.

Made In Chelsea also thought so as that was the roof terrace they used for a programme.

If that's too pricey have a look on at a map view. Anything between Hotel Colon and the bottom of La Ramblas is good location wise IMO.

camtt Wed 28-Jan-15 18:56:30

We stayed at Feelathome Plaza Apartments (Sants-Montjuic) last summer (5 of us). The apartments were newly opened, plenty of space and convenient location which felt safe to us (not that I hung around any alleyways late at night). We'd go there again.

redundantandbitter Wed 28-Jan-15 21:42:42

Oooooh thanks... I'll get on to those suggestions and have a shufty. Like the idea of a sea view.. But an apartment would give us flexibility. Cheers

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