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Venice just me and DH for 3 nights - where would you stay, eat and do?

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hulahoopsilove Mon 19-Jan-15 12:56:20

That's it for my "big birthday" always wanted to go...I know its all very touristy but would like to go, here's my ticklist:

Stay somewhere central maybe include breakfast that is lovely, but not stupid money

Eat in local Italian cafes, restuarants etc.. again not stupid prices

3 nights 4 days - what can we get in dont want to do too much and come home shattered but would like to do a few things and YES I would like to do the good old gondola ride smile

hulahoopsilove Tue 20-Jan-15 09:23:24


ExitPursuedByABear Tue 20-Jan-15 09:29:03

Look on trip advisor. Everywhere is pretty central! Doge's Palace is a must, and basilica if you can be bothered to queue.

Just walking around soaking up the atmosphere is enough for me.

ExitPursuedByABear Tue 20-Jan-15 09:29:59

And do a search on here. There was a thread last year where so eone was asking what to wear. Might be more tips there.

Costacoffeeplease Tue 20-Jan-15 09:47:48

Stay in Venice, not on the Lido or mainland, we stayed here great location near St Marks square

So much to see and do, but as well as the doge's palace, galleries, churches etc we enjoyed this a palazzo on the grand canal which is now a museum - you'll have a great time, I'm very jealous!!

ssd Tue 20-Jan-15 10:05:56

wow, just wow!

would love this

Awks Tue 20-Jan-15 10:11:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hulahoopsilove Tue 20-Jan-15 14:22:26

This hotel looks fabulous, so friendly just by looking at the gallery! Can I ask:

What time of the year is best, we were going Feb but Ive read that it is prone to floods

From the Water Taxi - how did you get to hotel is it a logn walk with suitcases, across bridges for instance?

Where did you eat in day and at night or did you just wander around?

lavendersun Tue 20-Jan-15 14:40:06

We are going at half term. Staying just off St Marks Sq. I have been a few times before and other than a walk around Murano for an afternoon and a chamber music concert don't have any plans.

Just walking around is fantastic, we just eat wherever we like the look of at the time. Doesn't have to be majorly expensive.

Yes, water bus from the airport and walk, we will only take wheeled rucksacks for three nights.

Ice cream and coffee is a staple Venetian diet as far as I am concerned. I always buy a small piece of Murano glass and weirdly some sunglasses.

Will be chilly in Feb - better than summer though when it smells.

Have only experienced a bit of flooding once - didn't stop us doing anything.

Costacoffeeplease Tue 20-Jan-15 14:58:47

We went in feb once, it was great, very atmospheric with a little fog/sea mist and just our footsteps echoing across deserted squares - make sure you avoid carnevale though!

We just wandered round and ate wherever we felt like - there was one lovely restaurant but I can't remember the name now, will see if I can identify it!

We also got some absolutely delicious limoncello liqueur chocolates from a small shop between the hotel and l'accademia

Costacoffeeplease Tue 20-Jan-15 15:02:01

For this hotel it's not that far to walk from the water taxi, we got dropped off just past st mark's and it was just along an alleyway - and yes, wheely cases are a must

I would also recommend a drink or coffee in florian's - yes it's a tourist trap and expensive, but it's just the once!!

ExitPursuedByABear Tue 20-Jan-15 15:14:20

It so does not smell!

Venetian residents have been petitioning to get wheeled suitcases banned apparently, because of the noise.

Nowhere is very far, and you can print off walking directions from Google. We just ate wherever we came across.

Last time I purchased some glass balloons. Still in the box waiting to be artfully hung.

Costacoffeeplease Tue 20-Jan-15 15:14:59

Tracked down the restaurant I remember

lavendersun Tue 20-Jan-15 15:42:31

Exit - it did smell (like drains) when I visited in June 2002 - I have stuck to Winter visits since then.

hulahoopsilove Tue 20-Jan-15 15:54:51

omg that restaurant looks devine...its not until next year but I want to go now!!!!!!!!!! thank you will show DH tonight smile smile

lavendersun Tue 20-Jan-15 16:06:46

OP, if you haven't booked yet I find BA really good value for city breaks if you book early enough. We are going for £250 each, three nights B & B incl flights during Feb half term. I booked it last September.

Costacoffeeplease Tue 20-Jan-15 16:45:43

Go this year to check it out, and again next year to do it properlywink

We had a very long, wine filled lunch in that restaurant, as the heavens opened just after we got there, and we just had to stay until the weather picked up grin

spex11 Wed 21-Jan-15 17:22:52

If your budget runs to it, I'd recommend taking a water taxi from the airport. Yes, it's expensive (about £80 earlier this year) but having your own speedboat to whisk you across the lagoon is wonderful. You can always get the regular bus back! Plus they will take you right to your hotel. You can book a water taxi at a desk at the airport arrivals, pay for it there, and they give you a jetty number where it will be waiting for you outside. Or save on the gondola trip by going on one of the gondola ferries which run across the Grand Canal -- these are used by locals and cost only pennies. You get to go in a gondola -- but you're not going to be seranaded!

iseenodust Thu 22-Jan-15 14:15:28

Do the secret tour of the Doges Palace. You can only book the day before in person but you get a guide & to go down secret passages & see rooms otherwise off limits eg the torture rooms.

iklboo Thu 22-Jan-15 14:17:31

It didn't smell on a very hot day in June 2014. Lots of places to choose from to eat, but the shops are all variations on a tourist theme.

breward Sat 24-Jan-15 11:27:14

We are going in the summer... our 5th time (we love Venice!) in the last 24 years. We have usually just wandered round for the day with no real plan. This time we are there for 3 days so we are going to do a free walking tour with a local guide. Hopefully we will discover all the hidden gems!

Enjoy you trip!

MillyMollyMama Mon 26-Jan-15 01:05:20

We stayed at the Hotel Barbarigo and it was utterly georgeous. It was a small palace on the Grand Canal and is now a hotel but is chic and beautiful. It has a mirror on the ceiling of the lounge/bar which reflects the grand canal water! The bathrooms and rooms are lovely and the breakfasts were served to your table, so no scrum at the serving area. I would not stay anywhere else and this hotel is very far removed from the usual Venice fusty dusty hotel offerings.

The Guggenheim is a must in my view and we really enjoyed looking at some of the less well known churches and back waters. Venice is expensive but it is fun and going down the grand canal is one of life's pleasures. Crossing the Grand Canal can be done on a Traghetto which is a gondola for a few pence!

massistar Thu 05-Feb-15 13:32:12

My DH is Venetian... Here are some suggestions that he has put together for people who ask him for recommendations:

Eat "chicchetti" (Venetian tapas) recommended "tris di baccala" and more, don't forget to have a glass of "vino bianco"... and try the spritz! Venice is home of the Aperol Spritz and if you stay away from the main areas it's not that expensive.

"Cantina Do Spade" (near Rialto Bridge)‎

"Cantine del Vino Già Schiavi"
Fondamenta Nani, 992

Across from the one above there is the "Squero di San Trovaso" the place where Gondolas are built and repaired ;-) and it is just round the corner from there are the famous Zattere where you will be able to appreciate the most beautiful sunsets of Venice.
Even more there is a gelateria Nico where you can get "Il Gianduiotto": A solid block of hazelnut icecream drowned in a glass jam-packed with a lot of fresh whipped cream!

If you want to visit the birthplace of the bellini cocktail go to Harry's Bar (may cost you a bit).
Calle Vallaresso, 1323

Good restaurants where the Venetians go:
"Al nono risorto"
Sotoportego De Siora Bettina
Santa Croce, 2338,

"Vecio Fritolin Restaurant"
Calle della Regina, 2262,
30135 Sestiere Santa Croce,

"ai quattro ferri"
Sestiere Dorsoduro,
30123 Venice,

"la zucca"
Santa Croce, 1762


Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Museum)

Palazzo ducale (Doge's Palace, Venice)

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Church (Basilica) usually just called the Frari, is one of the greatest churches in the city. Go inside to see the paintings.

The Gallerie dell'Accademia is a museum gallery of pre-19th century art.

Half day excursion to Murano, Burano and Torcello, these are the little islands.

Hope that helps!

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