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Summer Holiday Dilemma, need alternative to our usual - Eurocamp?

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DarkBlueEyes Sun 18-Jan-15 21:22:51

Hello everyone

We are very lucky to usually be able to enjoy a two week summer holiday somewhere hot and four star. We can't do that this year however, as we are almost certainly going back home (mine --we spend enough time at DH's oop north--) to NZ at Easter.

So budget options are being considered.

To my shame I have never taken the children (10 and 7) camping. Has anyone been Eurocamping and what do you make of it? I'd prefer Italy (the lakes) to France as I'm pretty fluent in Italian and I don't get to speak enough...

The other option I spotted were some Neilson beach club holidays but they are significantly more than Eurocamp, but are more like we are used to.

Any advice on Eurocamp and any particular ones which are fab would be wonderful. I imagine Mumsnet is a mine of information (I'm a new user) and thank you all in advance.

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