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Apr/May short haul beach holiday with 2yo. Any Suggestions?

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indieblack Sat 17-Jan-15 13:54:37

Hi all, trying to plan a week's break somewhere warm in a small quiet resort with a nice sandy beach that my (by then) nearly 2yo will enjoy. Max budget £800. We've enjoyed Crete in the past but that was pre kids. Any suggestions? TIA

revealall Sat 17-Jan-15 22:00:08

What sort of things would the adults like to do? From experience the 2 year old won't even remember it so something child friendly but interesting for the grown ups works well. A purely beach holiday isn't that relaxing as one of you always has to entertain or you need a kids club.

We found Barcelona to be really good. It has a nice beach for sand castles, lots of hotels with pools and very child friendly restaurants ( and you can have the children up late if they are that way inclined).The whole siesta thing works well with nap times as well. There are parks everywhere and small fairground rides by Port Vell. Most of the big Guadi attractions are a bit high up to take a young child but Parc Guell is lovely.
If you want a more beach type holiday then Mallorca is good too. Lots of non 18-30 holiday places and relatively cheap. Also plenty to do and see for adults and children.

revealall Sat 17-Jan-15 22:13:58

Sorry just remembered Jersey was fab with a little one. Not quite as hectic as Barcelona and utterly fab beaches and safe sea. Lots of good child friendly hotels and cheap and easy to get to. Weather is better but obviously not hot hot though. Lots of things to do like the zoo, castles and walks.
The advantage for us is that it's pretty easy to go back. So you don't get that "it was an amazing holiday" whilst your child looks at you blankly because they don't remember it and you can't afford to go back!

indieblack Sat 17-Jan-15 23:11:53

Thanks *revealall*. We're happy to potter about and do a bit of sightseeing but are looking for something relaxing where DS can run around on the beach and we can have a nice evening meal in a quiet resort. I love Barcelona but it might be a bit hectic for this trip. I'll look into Jersey as it's on our to visit list and Mallorca sounds good too. Thx

specialsubject Sun 18-Jan-15 11:35:18

go back to Crete. April/early May is pleasant in the northern Med but may not be as warm as you think. 2 year old only needs space to run about plus a playground and toys, no real activities needed.

high UV time though, cover up and slap on.

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