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Has anyone been to the Ice Hotel?

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BrassicaBabe Sat 17-Jan-15 10:27:28

The one in Sweden.

I've read heaps about it.

I was wondering which excursions folks would recommend, is it worth staying overnight in the actual hotel, did they recommend it etc?

It's an expensive trip for only a few days and wanted to get views.


Siennasun Sat 17-Jan-15 17:00:20

I went there a few years ago. What do you mean by the actual hotel? We stayed in a cold room for the first night and in the permanent hotel for 2 nights after that. I think that is what most people do.
The cold rooms aren't very comfortable so don't think you'd want to stay more than 1 night. If you don't want to sleep in a cold room at all I would stay in a different hotel and visit the ice hotel in the day. It would be a lot cheaper.
You can book excursions through a local company which is much much cheaper than booking through ice hotel.
Budget a lot of spending money, unless you buy all food and drink in the supermarket.
And be prepared for the cold. It was around -40 when we were there. The inside of your nose freezes as soon as you step outside and it can be painful to breathe. It's very cosy and warm inside though smile

GeorgieWilson Sat 17-Jan-15 17:05:32

Yes - highly recommend it. Did a night in a cold room and one in a warm room then went to Abisko for a night. We did the evening husky sled from the ice hotel and were lucky enough to see faint northern lights, 'twas amazing!

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