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Would a 2 year old enjoy Disneyland? Or are they too young?

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Millie3030 Fri 16-Jan-15 22:04:44

Hi all, DH is looking at Disneyland on the internet and we are possibly thinking of taking our DS who will be 2 yrs and 2 months.

Anyone been with a DS that young? What rides can they go on? Can they actually enjoy anything there at that age?

Flywheel Fri 16-Jan-15 22:12:02

If money isn't an issue, go for it. There are plenty of rides a 2 year old will enjoy and also the parades etc. My youngest was 2 (nearly 3 ) when we went and really enjoyed it.
However, it's an expensive trip and if it is not something you could easily afford I would hold off another year.

BloodyDogHairs Fri 16-Jan-15 23:11:46

Like the PP says, if you can afford it then go for it. Obviously at age 2 the dc won't remember but you will remember the look on your dc face when the parades/meeting the characters etc .....priceless smile

quietlysuggests Fri 16-Jan-15 23:53:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pico2 Fri 16-Jan-15 23:56:58

My DD enjoyed Chessington and Peppa Pig world at that age, so I don't see why a 2 yo wouldn't enjoy Disney. But I would want to go back later, so if it's once in a lifetime then save it for later.

elQuintoConyo Fri 16-Jan-15 23:59:56

It also depends on the 2yo. Mine would have swung between boredom and sensory overload - the noise, the crowds, the lights etc. DS also didn't know ANY Disney characters at that age, so would have been clueless. I think it is just a waste of money on a child so young. Beach is better grin

TheAwfulDaughter Sat 17-Jan-15 00:14:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ToffeeLatteplease Sat 17-Jan-15 09:17:42

Dd loved Disneyland Paris at 2 years
... and 1years... and even 9months. Ds was the same.

Couldn't see the point of taking them that young to American disneys over Paris.
I would balance out the more sensory bits with the quiet storytelling walk-throughs.(compte de pays, aladin walkthrough, alice in wonderland maze, the exploring tunnels on adventure Isle

Awesome memories

bryonyelf Sat 17-Jan-15 18:37:58

I think if you can afford it and it isn't a once in a lifetime then do it.

TwiggyHeart Sat 17-Jan-15 18:46:52

We took DD1 when she was 2 as part of a bigger trip, she loved it, in fact over a year and a half later she still asks to go back!

TwiggyHeart Sat 17-Jan-15 18:48:27

I would also add that my parents said it would be wasted and better for children of about 8 year old nephew would be totally over Disney, I think the window of believing in the magic is very very small!

Spinaroo Sat 17-Jan-15 18:49:30

We took our 2 year old (with an older sister) - he wasn't keen on the characters- a bit too big. Went again when he was 5 and that is a much better age imho

Millie3030 Sun 18-Jan-15 09:24:57

Thanks ladies, it probably wouldn't be a once in a lifetime thing as such, would probably aim to go again when he was 7/8 maybe, but it is free for under 3's. So we were thinking it might be a good idea while he is free, but is it free because there isn't much for them to do??

But the parade would probably be quite fun to sit on DH shoulders and look out for Mickey Mouse which he loves. But what we would do in the daytime I'm not sure. Is there enough stuff to fill up 2 or 3 days with a toddler?

HermioneWeasley Sun 18-Jan-15 09:27:30

I would wait until they are closer to 3 if that's possible. We took DS when he was 2 years 10 months and I wouldn't have taken him any younger. There are plenty of gentle rides for them to do, but also (even off peak) some queuing and a fair amount of walking.

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 18-Jan-15 09:30:21

No there's loads for them to do. He'll enjoy it & you'll have great fun watching his face. My only reservation would be if he's the type of child who doesn't want to ride on things by himself at fun fairs, little trains etc. however, that said, there are plenty of family rides.

It also won't spoil it for later on, because even through he might have vague memories of it, they won't be clear enough to spoil it.

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 18-Jan-15 09:31:46

However, at that age, you're definitely taking him for your benefit rather than his. At that age there are plenty of things on your doorstep he'd enjoy just as much.

Purplehonesty Sun 18-Jan-15 09:37:44

I wondered this about Disneyland Paris. We have a 5yo and a 2.5yo who is really quite grown up. My parents wanted us all to go this year but I didn't think there would be anything for dd to go on.
Anyone been there with these age groups? Are there many rides they could enjoy together?

sillymillyb Sun 18-Jan-15 09:41:10

I took my ds when he turned 2 to thomasland and since then he has been CBeebiesland and back to thomasland. He is nearly 3 and still talks about his first trip to see Thomas and the rides he went on. I'm considering Disney for his 3rd birthday but am put off by the walking and queuing, even at CBeebiesland / Alton towers it was a bit too much.

Redhead11 Sun 18-Jan-15 09:48:58

DD2 was 2 when we went to Disneyland Paris and she was terrified of the characters. I suppose that wasn't helped by waking up in Paris and finding a 6ft tall Pooh bear waiting on the train platform. I hadn't realised he was an axe murderer! I would wait, because they will have better memories of it when they are a few years older.

iwantgin Sun 18-Jan-15 09:55:22

We went to california to visit family when ds was 2 y 10 months. They had arranged a trip to Disneyland,Anaheim for three days whilst over there. I don't think DS was overly impressed. He went on a few rides but in general he was hot and tired.

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 18-Jan-15 10:16:14

PurpleHonesty. Go. Everyone will have a great time, there's so much to do for them and plenty of things they can do together and you can all do as a family. It really doesn't matter if kids don't remember everything, it all adds to that feeling of having had a happy loving childhood that gives you such a secure feeling as an adult. Life is short & you never know what's around the corner. Go with your parents, enjoy it.

ChippingInLatteLover Sun 18-Jan-15 10:17:47

Focus on having a good time, not on 'doing everything'.

Millie3030 Mon 19-Jan-15 19:42:29

That's such good advice from all of you. I'm going to show this thread to my DH, it will be his first reading of a mumsnet thread too.

Purplehonesty Mon 19-Jan-15 19:59:28

Thanks latte

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