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le meridien limassol, cyprus -any views

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Katie74 Tue 20-Apr-04 13:03:58

Has anyone been here? we are going away for the 1st time with our 11month old in June - and would be really keen to hear views from anyone who has been - they have talked it up as being very childfriendly - we want to put ds into childcare for sometime each day to give us a break....

Mum2Ela Wed 21-Apr-04 09:36:00

My parents have a house in Limassol and they went there over new year, but they stayed in LeMeridian for a couple of days over that time. I will ask my mum later what she thought of it, though my youngest sister is 9 now and so childcare isn't really relevant.

Will still see what she says tho.


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