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Does anyone know the situation with getting a Russian visa at the moment?

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orangefusion Sun 11-Jan-15 20:21:59

I have to go to Russia on 4 Feb. I need to go there from Almaty in Kazakhstan so I wont be in the UK from 27 Jan. New rules for visas since 10 December mean that I have to go to get biometrics done from London or Edinburgh before I can get a visa. Does anyone know how this is working?

How long are the queues are at Gee Street in London at 830?
HOw long will I have to wait in the visa office to get my fingerprints done?
How quickly they will relase my passport aftwards?

Would it be quicker to fly to Edinburgh to get the visa from their offices? The time it would take from Bristol would not be wildly dissimilar if I fly and if there are huge queues at london it might be faster?

I have looked on trip advisor-there is nothing there, and Thorn Tree. My travel agent and visa agent cannot help because we all have to go in person to get fingerprinted (everyone has to do this). So I was wondering if there is anyone who has done this SINCE the 10 December who might know how it is all working?

Thanks smile

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