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Going to Spain with 1yr old this summer - advice please

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Snoopy10 Tue 06-Jan-15 17:24:42

We have booked to go to Spain this summer when dd will be 1yr old exactly. Particularly interested in what to take re car seats, food, info on drinking the water etc... We are staying at a 5* resort (have remortgaged house after several years with no holiday!). It has babysitting service (but still nervous about leaving her with anyone).
Any advice would be very welcome. ��

HelloClouds Tue 06-Jan-15 17:41:09

The best thing about going to Spain on holiday is that babies are very welcome everywhere, even in the poshest Spanish restaurant and no matter how late the hour! We always found it a lot easier to eat out in Spain when our kids were little than in the UK where we did not always feel children were welcome!
You can buy everything you need for your baby in Spanish supermarkets - good quality baby food etc. We always gave bottled water to our babies in Spain - Lanjaron is a good one but there will be lots of others depending on where you are.

hifi Tue 06-Jan-15 19:12:16

nappies and wet wipes are far more expensive than here, so take plenty.If you are 5 star you should have no problem with food, there should be a good selection.

TwoLittleTerrors Wed 07-Jan-15 07:54:44

I am bit reckless with car seats and would only bring it if hiring a car. I know you are just as likely to have an accident in a short ride but so it is impossible to carry the darn thing on some trips. The hotels can barely store our bags and a cot!

Fadingmemory Wed 07-Jan-15 08:06:18

For me the greatest problems would be heat and sun - so sun block/very high factor sun cream (buy here and try on your baby before you go away to make sure it suits her skin). Also, several sun hats in case of loss and a shade of some kind for her buggy.

Does she drink a lot of milk? Full fat milk is 'leche entera'. Fresh milk is leche fresca

The Spanish are extremely tolerant of babies and young children even in swanky locations. Hope you have a great time!

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