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family accommodation in Puerto Pollensa

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dunbaro2 Sun 04-Jan-15 17:13:25

Can't believe this but we've won some money and are planning to spend some of it on a three week holiday in Puerto Pollensa. We have 5 children from 8 months to 9 - the youngest two are twins - and we're at that stage where they're all boisterous! However, DH's 17 year old niece and her best friend are coming with us to help childminding and getting a paid holiday and pocket money out of it. So - where in Puerto Pollensa? I know it seems like everyone on Mumsnet's been there but we know very little about it apart from it being family friendly - I believe there's also some lively bars and a club for the teenagers who will be off duty most nights. Like to book soon so all suggestions welcome.

slarog Sun 04-Jan-15 17:25:45

I've answered a question like this before and still think there's nowhere to beat Bellsregard let by Riusech. Lovely spacious air conditioned apartments, totally child and baby friendly, gated and secure with clean and well maintained swimming pools and close to a supermarket/café. You also get covered private parking which is brilliant in the summer especially. If you're going to book a car you can get one at Palma or get the letting office to organise a taxi and then get a car in PP - Hyper near the main chemist's is good. Bellsregard is ten minutes walk to the pedestrianised Pine Walk and beach and great family restaurants - try Little Italy and Laroc - creme brulee to die for! Totally family friendly and Bellsregard is close enough to enjoy the town but quiet enough that your little ones don't get disturbed at night. Lots of people buy here as well as rent fares are reasonable and the flight is relatively short, even with babies. Puerto Pollensa is made for families of all ages - I know people who've been going for 20 years. Bellsregard only been around for the last ten years but really popular especially if you can't be bothered going far and just want to relax with the kids. Round the town there's a lot of good walks and great beaches and there's safe bars and a club off the main square for your teenagers. Enjoy!

marcie3 Sun 04-Jan-15 20:28:44

We've been going to Bellresguard for about 8 years - we came to Puerto Pollensa twice before but the accommodation we used before we found Bellresguard was just ok. First came with just my 2 step children but now have three little ones and all ages love it. The apartments at Bellresguard are designed to accommodate a range of ages and even generations, so you can all get the privacy you need but enjoy the large living area together. As our younger children grow up we venture further afield with them and have tried various water sports to great success; the teenagers are already very sporty so we're seriously considering getting a boat this year. I think it's worth sending a little bit more to get somewhere like Bellresguard - you never feel you're just making do and I love that sense of coming back to somewhere familiar, especially such a safe and pretty place. It's like coming home every summer when we get here; we have gone to other places over the years like Greece, Cyprus, Malta and France but this is the only place we want to come back to annually. Also, and I know this sounds a bit pathetic and I do speak a little Spanish, I love the way everything is so familiar and local people all speak English and make the children welcome. The range of restaurants is great, there's lots of festivals and fireworks and if I can organise myself in the next few days I'll do a proper review with every tiny detail included. Check out Riusech and Bellresguard and I'll guarantee you'll find the perfect holiday.

Ruthiebabes Sun 04-Jan-15 21:38:57

What group of apartments within Bellresguard have the biggest pool.. So there's a chance for my DC's to make friends? Thanks

marcie3 Mon 12-Jan-15 22:17:34

They're all the same I think - it's a really nice mix of families of all ages so I don't think your children will have any problem making friends. We also find the same at the beach - it's long so there's ample space though I think a lot of families tend to hang out in the part running from in front of Little Italy up to the turnoff to Bellsreguard. It's just ten minutes walk and many of the families seem to go to the same area every day, so kids get to know each other. A bit further along the Pine Walk there are pedalos and other water craft you can hire. The water isn't deep in the bay until you go well out so it's pretty safe. Lots of the boys play endless games of football, especially early evening . Social media's the best way for the kids to keep in touch year on year - mine meet up with kids from all over as well as local kids. It's a really friendly place - sorry, still haven't done the review I promised but I'll get to it properly this week.

Ruthiebabes Mon 12-Jan-15 23:02:25

Marcie3.. Thanks.. Sounds ideal.. My boys love football!!smile

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