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Beautiful B&B/Inn within an hour of Manchester? For romantic night away

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Morehastelessspeed Sun 04-Jan-15 14:58:08

DH and I want lovely night away without DC close to home. Somewhere that feels special. We've been looking at spa hotels but worried they will all feel too corporate and soulless so back to the idea of a gorgeous B&B. In small village or countryside. Good views would be bonus. Any recommendations?

bonhomme Sun 04-Jan-15 19:39:41

Maybe a little bit further than an hour away but the Cottage in the Wood at Whinlatter Forest, Lake District, is lovely. Stayed there many times pre children. The reviews on tripadvisor speak for themselves - if of interest, you must stay for dinner - it is top restaurant quality

Whooshtheyweregone Sun 04-Jan-15 22:00:21

This will be a bit more than an hour away but is wonderful and I can't recommend highly enough. Dh and I spent a weekend there and hope to go back one day.

Morehastelessspeed Mon 05-Jan-15 12:26:33

Thanks both, they look gorgeous. Especially like look of Cumbria one but we really don't want to drive too far for one night or it eats into relaxing time. Could do with something exactly like those but in western Peak District or Forrest of bowland.

3BloodyKids Mon 05-Jan-15 12:35:21

The Inn at Whitewell in Clitheroe is gorgeous and does excellent food in the restaurant. It was featured in Steve Coogan's The Trip series if you saw that?

There's also The Parkers Arms in Lancashire too - again, bloody lovely food.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Mon 05-Jan-15 12:46:05

The Inn at Whitewell is amazing (not in Clitheroe though, it takes about 20 mins to drive there from Clitheroe, it's proper back of beyond)

There's also the Gibbon Bridge which is probably more romantic

Parkers Arms is nice but more of a pub than a hotel

Morehastelessspeed Mon 05-Jan-15 21:47:42

Fab, thank you. All look like good options.

piechuck Wed 07-Jan-15 13:33:49

The Millstone at Mellor is another pub/B&B option that feels special and secluded with lovely food.

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