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Travel checklist for Eurodisney with Toddler

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caughtupinthismoment Mon 29-Dec-14 15:56:49

Hi I'm going to Eurodisney with my Toddler next month quite excited its my DD's first trip abroad only been away in the Uk and it my first Holiday abroad in about 6 years.
We are in for quite a long trip as were going on the coach to France and I heard it is going to take about 12 hours. I'm very anxious as the longest journey my dd has been on was about 4hours in the car.

Im going to start making a checklist so I can have everything sorted earlier.
So far I have :
Disney figures and soft toys to pull out the suitcase when we get there.
Passports Nhs cards
Ski suit for dd
Hats scarves gloves ect

What are your top tips for entertaining a 3 year old on a long journey

bryonyelf Wed 31-Dec-14 09:06:59

DVD player or iPad with movies and games
Sticker books

beanandspud Thu 01-Jan-15 22:11:36

IPad or DVD player with 'toddler' headphones. Some new programmes or apps for the journey. You could try wrapping up some small toys for the journey to make it more exciting.

Try to break the journey into 'chunks'. Assuming that it's 12hrs and DC might nap you won't be on entertainment duty all of the time. Make a deal with DH beforehand that you'll both get a fair chance to read, listen to music, snooze during the journey.

Favourite soft toys, comfort blanket etc.

Have a couple of changes of clothes separated in ziplock type bags. In case of any accidents you can just take out a bag knowing that it has everything you need and you can swap with dirty clothing. Also worth having a change of clothing for yourself just in case.

Plenty of wipes.

If you are travelling by coach (and can carry it) you might be glad of a pillow or blanket from home for naps etc.


Lots of snacks for when you are queuing at the park - small cereal bars, raisins, little bags of haribo etc.

Water bottle - lots of places in the park that you can refill. Maybe one of those squeezy Robinsons juice things in your bag if you allow juice.

Depending on where you are staying (and how long you are there for) swimming stuff might be an option - we enjoyed an afternoon back in the pool at the hotel just to break up the day.

Layers of clothing rather than thick jumpers.

Comfy shoes for you!

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