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Planning to the Algonquins

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dawnwil Wed 24-Dec-14 03:55:34

Hey guys! Its an off-topic, nothing related to my kids or family. Its something professional. My boss last week asked me for a favor. He is going out with his family to the Algonquins and he wants me to book a decently good inn for him. I have never been to that place before and none of my friends did. So I’m not able to get a review about the place or the inns there. He wants an inn decently priced,great cuisine, neat, one with high class amenities, somewhere near the lakes and also they should be able to provide a room for his pet (pug dog). I searched in net and came across a dozen of lodges claiming to be the best. I do not know which one would be good. Is there someone who has ever been to Algonquins and had a good stay experience there? He is very much specific about his pet and I could find only one that encourages keeping pets in their lodge , I think its the Killarney Lodge . I think this meets all his necessities and I found it to be reasonably price. I like its location as well. Anyone been there before? Or else if you have any other suggestions please share.

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