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So is it ever really cheaper to book a package at this time of year?

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SecretSquirrels Sun 21-Dec-14 14:55:15

Traditionally all the tour operators have a big push after Christmas with special offers. Just wonder if they are ever genuine.

In spite of having two holidays abroad most years I never seem to get a holiday doesn't end up going down in price after I have booked.
My reasons for booking in advance and not last minute are that I want to travel from a local airport in August to a particular place.
I am not going to do the usual MN suggestion of booking everything myself separately. I have tried it and never got anywhere near as cheap as a package. Plus I want the convenience of a package.

Hersetta427 Sun 21-Dec-14 17:36:40

We always book ours the day the holidays are released for the next year and have always got free child places and our holiday price just goes up and up. It was £1000 more expensive when we eventually went this year.

Release date for the holiday company we use was 24th April 2014 for 2015 holidays and on that date we booked a week during May half term and 2 weeks in august. We had free child places for both holidays. I am already planning what to book for 2016 when they go on sale in April 2015.

SecretSquirrels Sun 21-Dec-14 20:00:19

Alas my children are 18 and 16 grin. So not only do I have to book school holidays, half term and Easter have also been no go for years because of exam revision.

dingit Sun 21-Dec-14 20:03:25

We always book early to get what we want ( have to go in August too) This year we booked flights to USA which will be cheaper than nearer the time. So maybe flights influence the pricing?

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