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oct suggestions

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sonjaj74 Sun 14-Dec-14 06:30:21

i'm organizing holidays this year and stuck for october. we'd normally do the caribbean for somewhere hot but as we've just bought a house and it needs work im not keen on parting w the cash.

so- while i think many would suggest canaries, etc, im orig from texas and we did lanzarote in sept and i couldnt even step foot into the swimming pool it was too cold for me. so i think anything considered "warm" by a brit is going to feel too cold for me.

we aren't into centre parcs.

so- my guess is we're left w a city break. lo is 3 so we'd want a nice hotel w an indoor heated pool.

anyone have any thoughts??

ideally i'd love to keep it no more than 5k if that helps as well.

thanks in advance- ive practically booked all of next year but really just can't find anything for this one so hoping someone can help!! smile

captainweasel Sun 14-Dec-14 07:22:16

Try turkey. We went in sept last year to fethieh (sp?). Was 37 degrees every day.

Stayed in Olu deniz. Lovely hotel. Food was delish. Cheap once there (not in the eur so at the time exchange rate was about 3 lira to 1 Gbp.). I was dubious about turkey at first was was suprised at how lush and green it was. And the people are friendly. In the markets the store people are allowed to shout to advertise (was nice as was called pretty lady a lot!!) but aren't allowed to grab you like they do in morocco.

captainweasel Sun 14-Dec-14 07:23:18

Should add we know that temps in dec hit 26 degrees. So you should be ok in oct.

bonhomme Sun 14-Dec-14 15:24:44

Your best bet would be Egypt but I guess it's a personal decision as to whether you'd feel comfortable going there at the moment.

sonjaj74 Tue 23-Dec-14 14:10:51

Thanks ladies! Will def look at turkey.

sailorsgal Tue 23-Dec-14 19:05:50

what about Oman or Abu Dhabi. We booked through the British airways website.
Dh and I went to Marrakech in October and it was very warm. Didn't feel unsafe at all.

Hersetta427 Tue 23-Dec-14 23:08:04

My mum lives in south east Spain (on the mar manor). Every October half term i take the kids for 5 days and without exception, we go to the beach every day. Temps between 24-27 degrees. Fly into Murcia and villas are really affordable. We hired a 3 bed villa in august with a shared pool for £450 a week so October will be cheaper. Not a touristy area so food and drink cheap by our standards. We usually get flights for £200ish per person. I would take a look at Los alcatharez. Great mix with goods bars and restaurants and 10 mins walk to lovely beach.

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