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Beetys travels in Romania...........

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Beetroot Sat 17-Apr-04 10:27:57

Message withdrawn

mummysurfer Sat 17-Apr-04 10:30:45

Wow Beety, it sounds like an experience.
do you have family or friends there? why did you go there? did you take the children? i am intrigued. was it purely a holiday?

Beetroot Sat 17-Apr-04 10:34:42

Message withdrawn

mummysurfer Sat 17-Apr-04 10:38:13

i think it does them good to see the way others live, doesn't it. i know someone whose SIL lives out there, originates from there, but is now an old lady living in very poor conditions. they want to bring her here to live but of course she won't leave her country. they are very concerned about her but can only visit twice a year and help out as much as possible.

essbee Sat 17-Apr-04 10:45:49

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sat 17-Apr-04 12:16:30

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sat 17-Apr-04 12:27:59

Message withdrawn

glitterfairy Sat 17-Apr-04 22:10:15

Have things improved much since communism went? Would people who live there say it was better or worse? How much help has the West, who all said communism should go, given to countries like romania?

princesspeahead Sat 17-Apr-04 22:44:52

went to a wedding in the very far north of romania a couple of years ago - extraordinary - oxen pulling ploughs, women in folk dress, funeral cortege with knackered looking horse pulling an open cart on which the dead body was laid on flowers.... felt like I'd wandered back 150 years in time.
but countryside beautiful as you say, beety...

Beetroot Sat 17-Apr-04 23:04:53

Message withdrawn

Codswallop Sun 18-Apr-04 08:02:08


and pph what were you doing at a roumanian funeral?

Codswallop Sun 18-Apr-04 08:05:02

ps lol at the knackered looking horse..

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 08:18:06

Message withdrawn

papillon Sun 18-Apr-04 08:31:31

Great that your mum goes to work with the people there. Does she do that on a volunteery basis?

And what were the tourist attractions!?

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 08:33:57

Message withdrawn

glitterfairy Sun 18-Apr-04 08:39:41

have been to beach when communists were in in the 70s and can only remember fantastic bird like flutes with water in tails and my first expresso and giong down the danube and seeing flying fish oh and also spending the rest of the holiday with food poisoning!!!!! teenagers dont really do ill holidays and it is remembered in my family with no affection whatsoever

papillon Sun 18-Apr-04 08:56:03

I remember thinking alot about Romania when dd was first born - about all the babies there who don´t know any kind of love. It would be a tough job - heartwrenching for your mum - She must be an amazing lady!

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 08:59:42

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 09:00:42

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 09:01:46

Message withdrawn

papillon Sun 18-Apr-04 09:03:53

Glad to hear the babies are sexy

maybe then there won´t be so many of the unsexy ones to look after in the future.

Will look at the link now... cheers

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 10:15:39

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Sun 18-Apr-04 16:04:18

It is so sad that these things are covered by the media everyone cares and then it fades into insignificance. We all just seem to forget and worry about the next thing being plastered over the papers. All the time people are still suffering. Will your Mother, or has she, recieved any government backing or is it solely down to donations? It is a fantastic thing she is doing you must be extremely proud.

Beetroot Sun 18-Apr-04 16:07:02

Message withdrawn

JJ Sun 18-Apr-04 16:17:45

Beetroot, is that your mother's charity? Is that who she works for?

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