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Anyone know of a resort offering catered and self catered alongside each other?

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nowwearefour Sat 29-Nov-14 19:12:10

We are planning to go abroad with two other families next year. We want it to be a joint hol but have different views re catering vs self catering. Anyone know anywhere (Europe but hot in October) that could work for us? I think some hotels have self catering annexes etc?

rookiemater Sat 29-Nov-14 19:19:57

Hi, we've been to a few places like this. The Grande Real Santa Eulalia in Portugal is a hotel, but also has 1 and 2 bedroom apartments on the groungs - sc facilities are quite basic, but great hotel facilities.
Also Regency Country Club in Tenerife - not a hotel but apartments with a central pool but you can eat all your meals in the restaurant if you don't want to cook and plenty warm in october - we go there every year for the October half term break.

nowwearefour Sat 29-Nov-14 21:00:46

Looks amazing rookie, I have put forward as a suggestion! Thank you

Hersetta427 Mon 29-Dec-14 14:24:07

I think Lykia World in Turkey offer these options.

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