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Villa holiday advice

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LinaDee Sun 16-Nov-14 10:51:33

My DH and I are planning a villa holiday with my PIL for a week in Nov 2015.

We would like a private pool as we will be taking our then 3yo and a 6 month old. We are thinking of the canaries as they get good weather throughout.
Can anyone offer advice/experience of who to book through or best places to go?

holeinmyheart Sun 16-Nov-14 12:14:19

I have just booked with owners Direct again for next March. Fueurteventura.
I have booked many times with them. Here is advice to prevent you being scammed.
Always look at the Owner profile and see that there is a phone no.
Phone them up and speak to them.
Check that they have a Bank account in England.
Initially just send £10 electronically and ask them to ring you when it has been received, before you send the rest.
Phone OwnersDirect on 02088271998
Check that all their emails have an identical address. Scammers hack into the owners emails.
Take out insurance.

Read the description of the villa carefully. You are going to need a heated pool. Have you got to bring your own pool towels. Is there UK TV , internet access. Etc

holeinmyheart Sun 16-Nov-14 12:27:10

Forgot to say I go to Fueurteventura because all the beaches are golden sand and it is one of the least commercialised islands. I like Morro Jable as a resort or if you like it busier, Corralejo. You don't want to be too isolated. I personally like there to be something to walk around at night, but that might not be a priority for you.
The Airport is at Port Rosario which is nearer Carralejo. You can see Lanzarote and take the ferry over. Morro Jable is in the South.
If you can splash out then I recommend the RUi hotel tres Islas. Carralejo. There are two hotels side by side. One very quiet no kids to speak of and then across the road the sister Hotel that is fully exclusive and jam packed with kids and activities.
It depends on what you want from a holiday really.

HelloClouds Sun 16-Nov-14 15:33:49

Just wanted to mention that many villa owners now take credit card payment. We advertise on Owners Direct and use the HomeAway online payment system and I know that lots of other owners do as well. Also look on HomeAway or Holidaylettings who also have online payment - much easier and more secure for holidaymakers and owners as well!

Also totally agree with holeinmyheart that you should always phone the owner as well. We like to talk to our guests and it gives us a chance to answer any questions.

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