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Swiss Summer Camps!

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MBJ27 Mon 10-Nov-14 10:37:29

I am looking into sending my children (8yr old girl, 11yr old boy and 12yr old boy) to a Swiss Summer Camp, this following summer 2015.
Is there anyone who has any opinions on any particular camps? Or why their child loved that camp over the others out there?
(I have been looking at Altitude, Camp Suisse and Les Elfes so far)
Thanks very much, all help and opinions appreciated!

sofiaaziz Thu 01-Jan-15 18:02:20

I would also be interested to know if anyone had sent their children to international summer camps

Danp100 Sun 11-Jan-15 17:41:48

My four kids (14yr old boy, 12yr old twins - boy and girl and 10 yr old boy) have all been to Camp Suisse whilst we took a holiday of our own. We cannot speak highly enough of the experience. The program and the people were fantastic. One day they seemed to be on a glacier with husky dog sleds and the next minute they were on a banana boating at Lake Geneva or climbing and camping in the mountains. All the kids came away with a real sense of achievement. They didn't miss us for a minute sad

tkjmm123 Sun 11-Jan-15 19:27:41

Camp Suisse! My daughter is a regular. She absolutely loves it. She has made friends from all over the world and regularly talks to her 'international' friends on Skype. She grows with every year that she goes and always comes home so full of life and stories about their adventures! We are not sure if she will be able to go this year due to family commitments, not looking forward to telling her!
I must admit we don't have any experience at any of the other Swiss Camps but I do know a child was sadly killed in a rafting accident at Les Elfes and the director was suspected of negligence. Camp Suisse is run in avery 'hands-on' way it seems by the Camp Directors who are really attentive from the beginning of the booking process right through to the camp itself and after, nothing is ever too much trouble and you really feel like the kids are really cared for and well looked after.

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