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2 weeks in Holland/Belgium

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UsainWho Sat 08-Nov-14 11:32:26

I'm looking at 2 weeks in Holland/Belgium (driving from Calais with own car and bikes) next summer, mid-July. I was thinking of 1 week at Duinrell and then 1 at a Center Parcs like Kempervennan or Vossemeren , or possibly 2 weeks at CP. I like the idea of Duinrell because it's near a town but can't work out if some of the other CPs like Kempervennan are also close enough to towns to eat out there. My understanding is that the CP pools would be better than Duinrell but the food is as overpriced as it is in the UK.

Has anyone done this in recent years that could tell me about closeness of towns to CPs, give any recommendations??! Thanks!

gardeningsarah Sat 08-Nov-14 16:33:09

From memory Duinrell is not far The Hague, where they have a good tram network to visit other places/eat and is not that far from the beach. I am not sure how far kempervennan is from the nearest town or whether there are any restaurants there. I prefer the pool at De Kempervennan also you do have the indoor ski dome as well.

Celticlass2 Sun 09-Nov-14 10:19:42

Been to Dunirell a few times. Great base to get to lots of other places as well. Very close to The Hague. We normally visit Leiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam when we stay at Duinrell.

UsainWho Sun 09-Nov-14 16:38:33

Thanks. Would a week at Duinrell be more than enough??

Celticlass2 Sun 09-Nov-14 17:37:13

One week in Duinrell is plenty. We have done a week, four days and five days.
Rrally like The Netherlands, and would like to explore a bit more of the North of the country in the future. Been to Belguim lots of times,- mainly Brussels to visit friends.

bruffin Sun 09-Nov-14 18:01:43

Centerparcs do tend to be in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive to the nearest town, whereas Duinrell you can walk out of the park is fairly central to the middle of town. There is a lovely pancake house right next door to the entrance.
The restaurants in Centerparcs are not bad at all and you can buy meal deals and children under 12 used to eat free (not sure if that is still true) . They do bbq, hotstones, or fondue packages to eat in as well.
The restaurants onsite tend to be a a'la carte type, a steakhouse , large buffet syle restaurant, pizza and pasta and a pancake house. They are not always open every day and you have to book. There are also snacks and cafes that do burgers etc. They are very meat orientated so not so good for vegetarians.

We did a 5 days at Erperheide followed by a week at Duinrell and had a good time. My dc loved Kempervennen, they were older teens and spent all week on the water ski lake.

Celticlass2 Sun 09-Nov-14 18:03:01

I can vouch for the pancake house smile

UsainWho Mon 10-Nov-14 14:35:58

Thanks. My experience of center parks restaurants is that you are a sitting duck with a wide open wallet!! 4 nights at CP then duinrell would maybe a good combo as they we don't need an extra Friday off work. Thanks for your advice.

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