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Anyone Have This Camera?

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ZaraW Sat 08-Nov-14 10:24:28

Not sure if I should post here..........

I love taking photographs when I am on holiday. I usually do wildlife/camping trips. Sometimes it's a pain especially when travelling in cities carting around a DSLR camera and lenses. Does anyone have this camera or something similar and are you happy with the photos you take compared to the DSLR? I'm travelling to Borneo next month and thinking this might be a good option as it is compact but the zoom is pretty good.


MillyMollyMama Mon 10-Nov-14 14:52:34

I have a compact Canon camera with a very good zoom. However, it is fiendishly difficult to hold it still enough to focus on what you want and avoid camera shake at the higher end of the zoom. I have to admit that my husband's pictures with his Canon DSLR using an image sbabiliser lens are far, far superior. The gear is heavy and cumbersome though and I do understand the problems which is why I just take my small camera. I dont think you need anything better in cities. On wildlife trips my DH always takes his big lens and he took the most wonderful pictures of polar bears in the Arctic this summer. My compact could barely pick them out on the ice, let alone focus on them, even zooming right in.

In Borneo, it really depends what you want to take a photograph of and how far away from you it is. If you want an exotic bird high up in a tree, forget it. If you are going to be face to face with an orangutan then a compact camera is fine. Personally I do not rate my compact for wildlife photos unless the subject is fairly near and only you will know how annoyed you will be if your photos are average and not sensational.

ZaraW Tue 11-Nov-14 09:08:50

MillyMollyMama thank you that's some really good information. I remember visiting the puffins on the Isle of May in Scotland last year and I just bought my old point and shoot along with me and I was really disappointed with the results. Thankfully friend's husband took some great shots. So I guess I still need the DSLR to get the photos I want.

I need a new compact camera and will use this for the orangutan and sun bear sanctuaries and then when we are in the wild will use my DSLR and lenses.

Lucky you to travel to the Artic, it's on my list. Thanks again.

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