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puerto pollensa

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aimeh Sun 02-Nov-14 16:39:39

Any recommendations for family accommodation here? We've got two boys under 6 and a baby daughter and a lovely great aunt is just back from holiday in Puerto Pollensa and promised to treat us all next summer. Want to get booked up fast but aunty's very much the cocktail and dressing for dinner type and not sure if she's got quite the right idea of what a young family want - anyone been there?

slarog Sun 02-Nov-14 19:24:54

You didnt mention where your aunt stays but for a young family - in fact any family - try Bellesregard - google Riusech for the letting agents. Gorgeous spacious air conditioned apartments, totally child and baby friendly and with masses of space. The area is gated and secure with lovely swimming pools and close to a supermarket/café. You also get covered private parking which is a boon in the summer especially. Ten minutes walk to the pedestrianised Pine Walk and beach and great family restaurants - try Little Italy and Laroc. Totally family friendly and Bellesregard is close enough to enjoy the town but quiet enough that your little ones don't get disturbed at night. Lots of people buy here as well as rent so if aunty really wants to splash out....! You probably have to go term time if you've got one at school but fres are reasonable and the flight is relatively short, even with a baby. Puerto Pollensa is made for families of all ages - I know people who've been going for 20 years. Bellesregard only been around for the last ten years but really popular especially if you can't be bothered going far and just want to relax with the kids. Round the town there's a lot of good walks and great beaches iut kids your age just want sun and water really.

Heels99 Mon 03-Nov-14 07:55:40

I think just about everyone on MN has been there!

PickledInAJar Mon 03-Nov-14 08:22:24

I stayed at an all inclusive family hotel with apartments but chose not to actually go all inclusive.

It was the best choice as there were so many lovely places to eat and the beach was on our doorstep. We didn't need the hotel with swimming pool that had slides and daytime activities for kids as we spent all our time on the beach and exploring the market etc.

It really is a great destination that you can't possibly get wrong.

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