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La Manga Club mini club

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Lamin Tue 13-Apr-04 16:07:58

Has anyone been to La Manga Club and used the mini club? We are considering going there to a friends villa in the summer and wondered whether the club was up to much? My DS will be about 15 months and we would probably only put him in for a few mornings. The pics look nice but other than that there isn't that much info so I would be really interested to hear any experiences.

No football jokes please!

Anastacia Sun 18-Apr-04 16:14:04

Sorry no haven't been there, but have read alot about it as I am an avid tennis player and would love to go myself but the other half doesn't play

sykes Wed 21-Apr-04 14:52:55

Hello - it's dreaful in my opinion. Maybe okay for older children but I really wouldn't leave a 15 month old there. It was horribly noisey and chaotic and no English speaking staff - not necessarily a problem but might be. I really didn't like the place at all. Tennis is good though.

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