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Greece. how to do cheapish holiday! preferably villa.

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bunface Tue 30-Sep-14 12:58:01

I'm now not sure whether to abandon the idea of Turkey even though trouble is far away. Thinking more of how it might be next year. Does anyone have any pointers on Greece? Preferably self catering villa type holiday, unspoilt area near the sea, plenty of history. Ideas anyone? Many thanks.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Tue 30-Sep-14 18:23:49

Well I personally wouldn't not go to Turkey, the resorts are almost 1,000 miles away from the borders or Syria, that's 24 hours drive, about the same distance as London to Prague! I was in Turkey when the Gulf war was happening and people were saying it wasn't safe and the only thing you heard about it was on the news. I would happily go next year.

If you do fancy Greece though have a look at Holiday Lettings or Owners Direct for villas and book flights separately. There is a huge choice of islands as well as the mainland.

bunface Tue 30-Sep-14 21:09:47

Thanks Sootica. I'm thinking the same thing about Turkey really. Guess I'm wondering how things may change by next year.

Alsoflamingo Thu 06-Nov-14 09:51:15

Bumping and hoping to get this thread going again. We want to go to Greece (self catering/modest villa type set up). After somewhere really gorgeous and unspoilt. Not trendy and thronging with young thangs IYKWIM.
Don't mind if it takes ferry journey on top of flight - in fact that would be part of the fun. Can anyone recommend a specific place/island?

pastahat Thu 06-Nov-14 15:20:28

We have been to Naxos for the last two summers which we loved; quiet beaches even in August, clear sea, not that many tourists. Paros was also lovely. We flew to Mykonos with easyjet and it's less than 2 hours on the ferry from there. Highly tempted to go back next summer but feel we ought to explore a different bit of Europe !

Onykahonie Thu 06-Nov-14 18:58:09

Vasilikos on Zakynthos is lovely (we were almost the only Brits there!)...we stayed here:

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