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Andorra in the summer?

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choirmumoftwo Sat 20-Sep-14 16:49:29

Just that really. Has anyone had a summer holiday in Andorra and if so, would you recommend it? It looks beautiful and we want an outdoorsy holiday, self-catering, but it's not that direct to get to and I want to make sure it's worth the trek.

Girlsbrigadewashorrible Sun 21-Sep-14 11:30:48

I haven't been but we did drive near to it this August en route to Spain. We were going to make a detour to visit but the traffic was bad with French and Spanish cars queuing up - it's a very popular place to shop and buy fuel as it's duty free. I think it is geared up to winter skiing holidays tbh. Will you have children with you?

choirmumoftwo Sun 21-Sep-14 11:40:44

Older children aged 16 and 13, both happy to go walking etc. We don't need to be entertained but do want to be able to eat out etc.

Marlinspike Sun 21-Sep-14 11:47:55

TBH I found Andorra a bit soulless - just duty free perfume / electrical shops. For somewhere with more character, check out Font Romeu, about 40 miles east, in France, but close to Spanish border. Pretty town, has a sports complex where Mo Farah & Paula Radcliffe train. "Proper" town with ski area accessible by car / cable car in summer for hiking. A couple of big lakes nearby with watersports, and about 1hr from coast. We have skied and spent summer hols there, and we love it! It's about 2.5 hrs drive from Barcelona airport, probably about the same from carcassonne.

Tourist website here:

choirmumoftwo Sun 21-Sep-14 12:09:33

Thanks for your input. Andorra looks so beautiful in the photographs but we wondered if there was actually anything else about the place.

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