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Bargain holiday hunt

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janinlondon Wed 07-Apr-04 16:11:48

This is the last year we have the luxury of not having to take our summer break in the school holidays. So I am watching the websites to see who is offering what discounts. I know these hot up more around the end of April and May, but I wondered whether anyone had any hot tips for which websites to watch for last minute bargains, particularly to Greece? I am looking at Greek Options, Mark Warner, Sunsail, Sunvil and Simply travel. Have I missed any? Not particularly looking at the big hotel type complexes - small villas or groups of apartments with pool are more our thing. Any hints gratefully received.

LIZS Wed 07-Apr-04 16:13:53

Try They certainly do villas and self catering all over Europe and also clear some tour operator holidays but whether those you have listed I'm not sure.

jodiemay Wed 07-Apr-04 16:16:11

It depends how many of you there are. I have booked me, my dh and ds to Mallorca for a week, mid-end May 04, less than £500, half board, flights and transfers inc, with Portland direct. The link is here

valleygirl Wed 07-Apr-04 16:18:51

also look at
they do turkey and cephalonia/Pelion in Greece

janinlondon Wed 07-Apr-04 16:22:56

Wow you guys are fast! (There are only three of us - DH DD(4) and me)

Helsbels Wed 07-Apr-04 16:24:58

Olympia do greek hols and one that begins with K - Kosmar! where do you want to go - i love Zante there are two villages called Alikes and Alykanys (sp) which are fantastic quiet, lots of nice child friendly restaurants close enough to walk between the two, few little cocktail bars, long sandy beach and lots of pools. There are some apmts in Alykanes (sp!) called Dannys which are typical greek - small clean big pool small pool bar...I wish I was there in the Hungry Greek restaurant eating some of their special meatballs right now......

valleygirl Wed 07-Apr-04 16:30:39

jewel in the crown also do pretty cheap holidays to turkey - - but to quieter pretty villages like kalkan, dalyan and Kas

Kay1 Thu 08-Apr-04 09:51:28

We always go with Direct Greece - 3 of us too and they always do free child places so works out very reasonable. Really lovely apts in small villages etc, quiet but often with access to pool. No website but try ringing them - 020 8785 4000 and ask about any late deals.

Blu Thu 08-Apr-04 10:38:47

I have just found some good ones on and was particularly tempted by a couple in Naxos, which Beety has strongly recommended, too. (a village called Aghia Anna being the quietest on offer). I also got a good late booking to Paxos through Planos Holidays a couple of years ago, and if you pick your place, Kosmar do good and cheap late availabilities in Greece. They have a good resort selection thing on their site, and categorise their hols for children, 'discerning and quiet', nightlife etc.

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