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South Africa

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Pictabogie Wed 03-Sep-14 19:15:45

We're looking to go there next year for two plus weeks. Kids will be 13 and 9. I've got avios so want to book flights through them if poss. Only seem to fly to Jo'burg then on to to Cape Town? We are looking to go on safari for a few days then some sightseeing then beach resort. Any suggestions? Especially if jo'burg is a viable airport to arrive and depart from taking in to account what we're looking to do? Also is Easter or early summer best time? Thanks

ChickenFajitaAndNachos Thu 04-Sep-14 16:59:37

I haven't been on a safari but have taken my DC to Cape Town when they were 9 and 11 and we all loved it. We visited somewhere different each day as had a car ( the driving was easy and Chapmans Peak a must) and then spent some time around the hotel pool late afternoon. We did visit a couple of beaches for an hour or two but it wasn't a beach holiday, there was just so much other stuff to see and do. We did enjoy Boulders Beach and seeing the penguins and also visited another called Bikini Beach which we had to ourselves.
It was really good value there and the exchange rate has improved a lot since I went four years ago so I imagine it would be even better now. The food, scenery, wine and weather were all amazing. I went in Feb. I think Easter would be better weather than early summer.

Emslifechoices Thu 04-Sep-14 17:02:52

I fly to Jo'burg with my parents and then transferred to small plane up to Kruger National Park when I was teenager. We went to a private game reserve outside the Kruger (expensive but incredible) but plenty of more reasonable options in Kruger.

We then flew back to Jo'burg and on to Mauritius for beach time. Mozambique also a great option for beach. You'll have an amazing time. Safari is incredible.

treelily Thu 04-Sep-14 18:34:40

I am originally South Africa and have just got back from 3 weeks in Cape Town smile

Joburg is definitely a viable airport if you want to do a safari. It is nearest the big game parks and there are loads of low cost flights from there to Cape Town.

Like Chicken says it is worth having a car in Cape Town and there is loads to do. My DC are younger but their highlights were going up table mountain on the revolving cable car, the aquarium and a cruise on a pirate ship. There is also an amazing new walkway on top of the trees in the botanical garden

But you may also want to consider Durban for beaches, because the water is warmer and then the drive from Natal to Cape Town down the garden route is beautiful.

As for season - Easter is autumn there, but it will still be fairly warm. If you mean early summer there, that will be Oct/Nov and a very nice time to go, but if you mean early UK summer, it will be winter but still fine - cape town has winter rainfall, but we only had a couple of days rain in 3 weeks and the temp was in the 20s most of the time. Joburg and inland will be cooler though, especially at night.

Let us know what you decide to book - I'm sure you'll have a lovely time wherever and whenever you go grin

mummymeister Thu 04-Sep-14 19:01:40

watching this thread with interest. thinking of Cape Town/ up to Port Elizabeth and visit Addo elephant park then fly up to joburg and Madikwe for a second safari. both in non malarial areas which is a must for us. will the weather be OK in December/January?

treelily Mon 08-Sep-14 11:41:09

Dec/Jan is the middle of summer so can be very hot. It is also the main tourist season so places can get quite busy.

MillyMollyMama Mon 08-Sep-14 20:43:39

Our Winter is high season in SA. It is cheaper to go at Easter and probably more Avios flights available if you do it now. BA fly direct to Cape Town. We have done it and used Avios. Kruger, Sabi Sands safari areas are accessed easily from Nelspruit and you can fly there from Cape Town and fly home from Jo-burg. Alternatively do the Garden Route or Cape Town beaches and then choose the safari area that suits you best in the Port Elizabeth area or flying further north. You could also look at Pinda and Hluhluwe-Imphalozi which can easily be accessed from Durban so you could combine these with a beach holiday. In winter this area can be hot and steamy with thunder storms. In our summer it can get a cold at night but the day time temperature is still lovely.

Malaria tablets are expensive but so are safari camps in SA. There are great accommodation guides talked the Greenwood Guide and the Exclusive series. They cover safari areas so you can choose which area and camp might suit and you can check out prices. You will find it a lot more expensive in our winter.

MillyMollyMama Mon 08-Sep-14 21:51:12

Called not "talked"!

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