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Have you been to Cala D'or in Majorca? I have two questions!

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MorrisZapp Sun 31-Aug-14 11:11:09

First of all, OMG at the weather forecast - temps in the thirties predicted for our trip next week! Not bad for outside school holidays. DS isn't at school yet so we have the luxury.

First question, is it a good idea to book a private taxi transfer to Cala D'Or from Palma airport? Or should we just get in a cab when we arrive.

Second question, are the local shops any good for things like decent suntan lotion, UK magazines, other holiday bits like that? I love shopping on holiday but am resigned to there just being souvenir shops there unless anybody knows different? Clothes, shoes?

TheBuffyBot Sun 31-Aug-14 15:34:49

Haven't been for a few years now but seem to remember that there was a main shopping street in Cala D'or with a few shops can't remember what they were in detail though?.

We travel to Spain regularly and always find its cheaper to book a taxi transfer beforehand, the times we haven't and got a cab at the airport it was way higher. You'll probably find the same in Majorca

Try the tripadvisor forums there are some great tips/advice on them

MorrisZapp Sun 31-Aug-14 20:37:56

Magic, thanks!

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