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views on Turkey please!

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bunface Fri 29-Aug-14 12:35:55

Thinking of going to Turkey next year in May. Looking at Kas, Kalkan or Side areas. Can anyone tell me what they're like or recommend areas that are not mega touristy. Many thanks.

wonderingwoman64 Fri 29-Aug-14 12:41:40

Kalkan is lovely, we were there last month. Quite hilly! Beautiful harbour and shopping area. Full of tourists but still I think less touristy than other places in Turkey, certainly not too busy that you couldn't find a place to eat . drink etc. Plenty of day trips available. We rented a wonderful villa via Owners Direct with its own pool.

FuckyNell Fri 29-Aug-14 12:52:46

I'm laying on lara beach in Antalya right now grin

I couldn't say much about the area as I haven't actually stepped outside the hotel ha ha

Heels99 Fri 29-Aug-14 12:56:21

Kalyan is lovely although not the beast for beaches. Side is very touristy but fab beaches and lots to see. Not been to kas Would pick Kalyan out the two I have been to, beautiful place

wonderingwoman64 Fri 29-Aug-14 13:18:20

Heels99 is right, the beach at Kalkan isn't the best but there are lovely beaches about 30 mins drive away - Kas and Patara I think. Plus there is a great beach club.

LastOneDancing Fri 29-Aug-14 14:14:24

I have always wanted to go to Kas but the transfer is pretty long from the airport.

Kalkan is very pretty with its rooftop restaurants and it's where turkish people holiday (so I'm told) but I found the people less friendly & more business-like than other areas.

We keep returning to Dalyan because there's lots to do and it's fairly flat, but it's touristy I'm afraid.

rallytog1 Fri 29-Aug-14 17:00:15

I would pick Kas. I find Kalkan a little bit 'Brits Abroad', albeit in a rather naice and middle class way. It just doesn't feel like real Turkey to me.

Kas is a bit further away from the airport, but the upside of that is that fewer tourists go there.

rallytog1 Fri 29-Aug-14 17:01:54

Ps another place you might want to look at is Selimye - which is apparently what Kalkan used to be like before it went very touristy and upmarket.

bunface Fri 29-Aug-14 19:10:59

Thanks everyone, this is very useful. Kas has fantastic villas for a good price. Looks beautiful. How far from the airport is it? Which is the nearest one? . I will look at the other suggestions here too. Many thanks.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Sat 30-Aug-14 17:36:15

I love Turkey, it is my favourite holiday destination. We normally go to there Bodrum Peninsula but I have heard good things about all 3 destinations you mention. They are all quite touristy but not typical Brits abroad like Marmaris is.

Cirali is in the same area and is much less touristy so that may be worth a look too.

bunface Sat 30-Aug-14 19:26:32

Thanks Sootica. Will have a look. Just been looking at the flights and didn't realise how expensive they are. Cheapest direct flight I've found is £400!

SeattleGraceMercyDeath Sat 30-Aug-14 19:29:54

Oooh fuckynell, where are you staying, love Lara beach, been there the last 3 years, stayed at Sherwood breezes, royal holiday palace and limak Lara. All fab hotels on that stretch.

FuckyNell Sat 30-Aug-14 20:32:25

Hiya I'm at the delphin diva. Leaving tomorrow sad

cantbelievemyeyes Sun 31-Aug-14 21:59:09

Have been hearing good things about Akyaka (I think it is). Not been to Turkey and considering for next year, but not sure I can drag myself away from Greece!

rallytog1 Mon 01-Sep-14 07:42:37

Yes, Akyaka is lovely. You won't find many Brits abroad there! And there are some lovely restaurants on the river side.

bunface Tue 02-Sep-14 18:38:51

Akyaka looks lovely and central to other stuff too. Flights still really expensive though.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Tue 02-Sep-14 21:57:15

Easyjet will release their summer flights soon, have a look at those, they are normally pretty cheap if you book up early.

threepiecesuite Tue 02-Sep-14 22:39:46

We've been to Torba on the Bodrum peninsula this year, absolutely lovely. Beautiful bay, friendly locals. 25 mins from airport.
I love Turkish food, meze, baclava, kebabs, mmmmm.

bunface Wed 03-Sep-14 17:44:37

Thanks Sootica. Will keep watching! 3piece I've looked at Torba. Looks good

SooticaTheWitchesCat Wed 03-Sep-14 18:06:54

Easyjet flights are out for May today bunface.

bunface Wed 03-Sep-14 18:23:39

Ooh thanks for the tip off. Will have a look now.

Iflyaway Wed 03-Sep-14 21:00:32

Went to Turkey this summer first time. Loved it, lovely, friendly people.

However, as a single mum woman on holiday, gimme Greece anyday. Nice terrace to chill out on with a book and coffee/glas of wine, food too.

Never saw a woman on a terrace cafe in Turkey... (Istanbul still on my list! Much more chill for a woman travelling --on her own--).

SooticaTheWitchesCat Thu 04-Sep-14 10:24:00

Where did you go Iflyaway? I have sat in a terrace café on my own many times in Turkey. What exactly is the problem with doing that?

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