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Has anyone used the NCT house swop register ?

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Kittypickle Mon 05-Apr-04 14:15:22

I am rapidly losing the will to live having looking at the prices of self-catering cottages (that haven't been booked that is) over the school summer holidays. I've just been reading a bit about the NCT houseswop register and wondered if anyone has used it ? If so how did you get on and does your house have to be immaculate ? Ours has what you'd call "potential" and is far from reaching it yet!

CountessDracula Mon 05-Apr-04 14:18:17

I have not used that one but have used

My house was fairly immaculate, but I think that a lot of them aren't - as long as you make it clear to the people swapping and it is clean and tidy it doesn't matter.

jennifersofia Mon 05-Apr-04 22:39:31

Yup, we use it, and also a couple of international exchange companies as well. We have done about 4 swaps, and it has been good each time. Pros: 1)cheaper. 2)They have the baby/child gumpf so you don't have to cart it all with you. 3) 'New' toys for your children to play with while you are there 4) Very interesting! Not only do you see how other people do things, but also you see an area from a residential point of view, which is often more 'real' than areas where there are hotels/cottages. 5) Usually lots of very helpful insider info about the area, esp bits that are good for kids, etc. 6) Someone is in your home while you are away. 7) An incentive to sort your home out (which you ultimately benefit from)
Cons: 1) A fair amount of work! First time I went a bit OTT. Now I do a 'regular' clean (hoover, clean surfaces, clean bathroom) and make sure everything is tidy. Can be a bit stressful trying to sort that out before you leave (your home and theirs!) when you have to pack and you have kids hanging off your ankles as well. But I find going on holiday is a bit like that anyway. 2) Can't always go to a specific place - best to be flexible. 3) It is always good to really check out the location well, and consider what you want (that is, do you want to be in the suburbs without a car, etc).
For the NCT, contact Denise Tupman at . I think it costs £30 a year. For us it has been well worth it.
By the way, it isn't really your home that people want to visit, it is the area, so your home doesn't have to be huge and amazing. Our is a two bed terrace. This is probably way more information than you wanted, but anyway, hope this helps.

suedonim Mon 05-Apr-04 23:08:01

We've done an NCT swap and it all went well. Your house doesn't have to be immaculate,just clean and presentable. Hth.

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