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Right lovely people, need a family holiday to celebrate mums 60th help please

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MegCleary Thu 21-Aug-14 20:38:41

The spec is 6 adults 3 children. A villa in Europe, own pool, near beach & village, short airport transfer (if possible), in the Easter holidays 2015.

I promised my family I would tap into the mumsnet wisdom, what do ye recommend place wise/website wise etc

concretefeet Thu 21-Aug-14 21:33:08

We stayed here, near Ronda at Easter a few years ago.
Not near a beach though, but far enough South for good weather at Easter. You can visit beaches, but obviously the location is inland.
Visited Seville as a day trip and the area around is beautiful. Much preferable to the coast imo. Owners were very helpful and the villa just as the pictures.

MegCleary Thu 21-Aug-14 22:43:22

Wow stunning but a tad pricey for us thanks.

MegCleary Fri 22-Aug-14 18:05:17

Evening bump

MegCleary Fri 22-Aug-14 20:35:29

flowers please

Janek Sat 23-Aug-14 16:43:07

If I were you I would:

Decide where i wanted to go where i thought the weather would be good, for example sicily

Go to and put in my chosen destination and dates

Tick a preference for villas/apartments/anything that sounds like it's not just a room in a hotel on the left hand side, along with any other preferences eg pool

Sort results by price and choose somewhere, not forgetting to read the small print...

For example, this place looks suitable, possibly, but note that the price quoted does not include a €200 cleaning fee per rental. But this seems fairly standard here (it's not usual on generally though), in fact when we went to Berlin last year our cleaning fee was waived as we stayed more than 5 nights, which was nice, but they (and you!) should include it in the cost of staying there.

HelloClouds Sat 23-Aug-14 16:45:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MegCleary Sat 23-Aug-14 20:24:04

Saturday bump

Imperial Sat 23-Aug-14 20:56:04

Hello Clouds - your villa looks beautiful. Can I ask if the availability calendar is up to date? DH is out this evening so I am busy planning holidays!

HelloClouds Sat 23-Aug-14 22:23:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Imperial Sun 24-Aug-14 10:46:41

Thank you - I will do!

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