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what do you all fly/travel in (clothing)

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chosenone Fri 15-Aug-14 09:59:55

Ok so it's only shorthaul to menorca but just wondering what's best. We leave home at 4.30 am to catch a bus to the airport. So we will be chilly. We need to travel in out heaviest clothes but be comfortable on the plane. My feet always swell. thinking jeans, t shirts and hoody for DS and leggings, tunic and hoody for DD both in hi tops. DP will wear jeans, t shirt and hoody. So do i go for maxi dress and cardy with fit flops or harem pants and toms with t shirt and cardy. Want to look reasonable but be comfortable and not too cold/warm.

PennyPepper Fri 15-Aug-14 10:06:11

I put DS in long jersey shorts for travelling at this time of year. Legs don't get that cold. Jeans are too restrictive to be comfortable and will be too hot on arrival.

For you, the dress.

chosenone Fri 15-Aug-14 10:29:16

Ah yes and its an hour transfer the other side so he would be too hot. Good thinking.

specialsubject Fri 15-Aug-14 10:41:28

leave the jeans at home - too uncomfortable for the journey, too warm for the resort.

convertible trousers are great (zip off into shorts) but if you don't already own some, don't buy specially. leggings or trackies for everyone, pair of shorts in hand luggage, change at the toilet stop at the arrival airport.

ChickenFajitaAndNachos Fri 15-Aug-14 11:54:00

I usually wear something I don't mind not wearing on the actual holiday as it usually ends up really creased, stained, smelly etc. I prefer natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. I definitely wouldn't recommend jeans.

Bunbaker Fri 15-Aug-14 14:41:57

I usually wear linen trousers for travelling in, plus a t-shirt and cardigan as I find plane travel a little chilly. I wore my Sketchers Go Walk with them this year because my feet get cold on planes as well.

BertieBotts Fri 15-Aug-14 14:44:12

If you have metal in your shoes make sure you can take them off quickly, you don't want to be stood in security unlacing shoes for ages.

juneau Fri 15-Aug-14 16:14:31

Lightweight trousers (not jeans, too hot when you arrive)
Comfy shoes (trainers or preferably something slip on)

But basically layers of lightweight stuff that can be easily shed to reveal cooler stuff underneath without giving you lots of bulky things to carry.

JadeJ123 Fri 15-Aug-14 16:33:19

Dh- jeans and trainers with a hoody
Dsd- dress or leggings with a top
Where as I've been known to wear high heels and skinny jeans with a blazer hmm

When flying to somewhere warm, from somewhere coolish I tend to go for a maxi skirt, cami, cardigan or light jacket, scarf and sandals, and take warm socks in my bag to put on when on the plane. Lose the socks and cardi on arrival. The maxi dress is then okay for wearing in the evening when on holiday, or just saved for flying back in.

Deffo not jeans, for anybody. Dp usually wears light chino-type things to go in then just hangs them up and wears again on the way back.

mummymeister Fri 15-Aug-14 17:05:57

I never travel in trousers particularly not for flights as my legs swell too much as well. comfortable dress with tights and cardi all of which can be taken off just before you land if somewhere warm or put on if arriving to the cold.

Bunbaker Fri 15-Aug-14 17:38:51

I wear loose trousers when I fly. I would be exceedingly worried if my legs swelled up so much that I couldn't get into them.

aubreye Sat 16-Aug-14 11:39:38

During the night kids are all in pajamas (DTs wear their onesies as does DD1 but DS1 wears a T-Shirt and jeans now, like DH. I wear anything comfy I can find.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Sat 16-Aug-14 12:31:18

We left home at 3am for our flight this year and I wore a dress with a cardi, it was fine. My girls wore the same. My husband wore his jeans then moaned he was too hot when we arrived - lol

Trickydecision Sat 16-Aug-14 15:28:32

It is such a dilemna. On the one hand you need to be warm if it is chilly on the way to the airport and comfortable on the flight, on the other you want to be cool when you arrive in soaring temperatures and reasonably smart when you get to the hotel.

We are flying on Monday and I shall set off in a linen shirt dress from 'East' worn open, jacket style, over toning cami and leggings. When we arrive in tropical climes I shall take off the leggings and button the shirt dress up. I wore this outfit on a long haul in May and it was just the job.

I recommend something with pockets when travelling with children - for tissues apart from anything (unless the children are older). I am most comfortable in a skirt but rue the lack of pockets when I have to scrabble through bags whilst my hands are full of passports and boarding cards and the toddler...

Apart from that agree no jeans - we flew a week ago and the boys wore joggers and the girl leggings, all had their coats (soft shells) as we flew handluggage only. I wore loose fitting capri pants and a t shirtish top and had my thin coat in my rucksack as I dislike being too hot but handle a bit of cold fine - as it turned out I wasn't cold even though we left the house at 4am (6.30am flight).

Siennasun Sat 16-Aug-14 21:23:56

I often travel in jeans, I think they are really comfy. I'd much rather be too hot than too cold tho, in fact don't think I am ever too hot.
Personally I'd never wear a skirt on a plane. People often say that legs don't get cold but mine definitely do! I must be weird.
Pre DS I used to dress really smartly to fly, heels, smart jeans, nice top or maxi dress. On first flight with DS he was sick all over me so I now wear clothes that are easy to clean and have a change of clothes in hand luggage

noramum Sun 17-Aug-14 21:21:08

I travel in Jeans and have a pair of shorts in the hand luggage or my trekking trousers I can zip off the legs.

I need decent shoes so normally wear actually my hiking boots if I require them on holidays. I don't mind looking a bit ridicules at the arrival as I can change immediately when I am in the hotel/appartement.

FairyPenguin Sun 24-Aug-14 08:05:05

My legs do get cold so I either wear a dress with leggings and take leggings off in the airport toilet when we land, or a pair of lightweight combat-style trousers which can be converted to shorts. I also take a cardigan and socks.

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