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Can anyone find me a very cheap u.k holiday please asap

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nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:23:24

We were supposed to be going on holiday on 16th April, but it's fell through.

We still want to go somewhere but it has to be very very cheap, a real bargain.

Any where in the u.k considered, self catering for 2 adults 2 children and 1 infant (with own cot).

The challenge is set

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:24:02

Should of said that it doesn't have to be for that particular date, would consider others.

emsiewill Fri 26-Mar-04 21:35:27

here are the results of a search I did. There's 3 on that page for £282 for the week - various locations. Is that cheap enough, or do you need cheaper?

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:36:42

That is cheap but i really need cheaper if poss.

God i sound sooo stingy don't I ???

21stcenturygirl Fri 26-Mar-04 21:38:30

Nuttie - we have just bought a brand new 3 bed caravan in Camber Sands, East Sussex. We won't be using it 18th April onwards.

lou33 Fri 26-Mar-04 21:38:48


nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:40:14

Ooooh that sounds nice, how much would you rent it for ???

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:41:21

We thought of Butilns too, and it was cheap when i worked out the price, but when it did the quote online it was diferent (alot more).

lou33 Fri 26-Mar-04 21:42:16

I think Butlins is rubbish anyway, but didn't like to say!

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:43:43

LOL LOU. We have been before, to the Minehead and Skegness. Would never go to Skegnes one again and the food was crap at the Butlins one, but beggers can't be choosers

lou33 Fri 26-Mar-04 21:44:38

We have been to those ones too. Would rather have my eyeballs prised out with rusty pins than set foot in one of their establiskments again.

21stcenturygirl Fri 26-Mar-04 21:52:04

How long would you want it for? If it's for a week let's say £175. The site is really nice and peaceful with a lovely beach and a good clubhouse for the kids. There are 4 indoor swimming pools there. We've been there so many times that we decided to buy a caravan. Done Butlins (hated it) and Haven (too expensive/busy) but this is a really lovely site. Oh constant gas (no bottles to worry about). We're going there this weekend to pick up the keys so if you're interested, contact me and I'll be in touch on Monday.

21stcenturygirl Fri 26-Mar-04 21:53:35

Talking of Butlins last October we did a quote and it worked out cheaper for us to go to Portugal so we did!

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 21:53:57

Thanks for that 21CG. I'll speak to dp about it later on and let you know

emsiewill Fri 26-Mar-04 22:06:19

OK, only 4 nights, but some seriously cheap deals here (as cheap as £54 for 4 nights)

emsiewill Fri 26-Mar-04 22:07:08

D'oh. Took me so long to get the link working, looks like it was all in vain!

nutcracker Fri 26-Mar-04 23:04:32

Those prices were really good emsiewill, thanks for that.

I think though that i may have persuaded dp to go to France in June. Found a site French Life i think, where a 10 night holiday in a s/c caravan inluding ferry is only 298. It would mean i could visit some family i've got there, and dd would only miss a few days off school as we would go in whit week.

Thanks for your offer 21stCG, it was really nice of you.

CountessDracula Sat 27-Mar-04 12:12:40

nutty travelodge are doing family rooms £25 pr room p n

midnight Sat 26-Mar-05 05:44:27

Hi i am a single mum of two lovely children aged 15 and 10. I have benn on my own for 7 years and really need a holiday. Nothing too flash, but we love camber sands. Would love one or two weeks there in summer hols, has to be summer hols as daughter in middle on gcse coursework. can anyone help? any reasonable offer considered

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