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What to see in Budapest?

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Nokidsnoproblem Tue 10-Jun-14 15:02:01

Has anyone been to Budapest? I have four full days there in August and I am trying to build an itinerary. The only thing I have so far is the free walking tours.

I am going by myself, and I am not mega-rich...

MadameDefarge Tue 10-Jun-14 15:08:53

Vorosmarty tea shop. Jewish Ghetto. The castle in Buda. Some amazing museums.

keely79 Tue 10-Jun-14 15:12:40

Wine museum? Perhaps more fun in a group.

You could visit a spa - Budapest is famous for them. I don't think they're too expensive.

keely79 Tue 10-Jun-14 15:13:56

Or in August, going somewhere like Margitsziget (Margaret Island) would be a nice break from the heat.

Siennasun Tue 10-Jun-14 22:24:01

We went to Széchenyi thermal baths - huge outdoor and indoor complex in the middle of a nice park. It was nice and cheap.

PortofinoRevisited Wed 11-Jun-14 08:58:07

The Fisherman's Bastion and Cathedral. I remember a parc filled with old communist statues that was quite interesting. Second the Thermal Baths.

PortofinoRevisited Wed 11-Jun-14 09:28:57

We got the train one day to Szentendre which I remember as very pretty.

Andcake Wed 11-Jun-14 09:43:00

I have been a few times - love it
Baths a must - my favorite are the Gellert it can get v hot in Budapest so we would do sight seeing in the morning and spent a few afternoons lazing by the pool their (first ever wave machine which is fun)
Also a trip to Margaret island - v pretty

broadsheetbabe Wed 11-Jun-14 22:27:47

Try Memento Park in Buda, a final resting place for Communist statues and Trabant cars!

Margaret Island is lovely, as is Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge.

spex11 Thu 12-Jun-14 12:16:45

The central market hall is great for food, gifts and just browsing. Upstairs are lots of cheap cafes where the locals eat. It's near Liberty Bridge.

CecyHall Thu 12-Jun-14 12:24:53

I read this and thought of this thread

GirlWithTheLionHeart Fri 17-Oct-14 07:37:09

Bumping to see how your trip went! I'm off there soon but I'm sure it'll be much colder than when you went!

fussychica Fri 21-Nov-14 17:55:57

Anyone been recently? Off for a few days next week and would welcome any tips.

CumbrianMum2 Fri 23-Jan-15 13:52:38

DD going with three friends in July - two x 17-year olds and two x 18-year olds. (Two of them very anxious about first holiday abroad without parents.) Is it a safe city? Is there much to do for kids of that age?

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