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Taking toddler abroad for the first time...

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SwivelHips Tue 10-Jun-14 11:16:26

We go away in August and it's our first time taking our 2 yr old abroad, so any tips for us?
FRom an old thread which I can't find now I've got:
Take uv swimsuits plus hat with neck protection
Reusable swim nappy and liners
Lollipop for take off and landing
Have things in the hand luggage to entertain Ds

The thread was massive but that's all I can remember...
TIA smile

SooticaTheWitchesCat Tue 10-Jun-14 11:21:19

Where are you going?

SwivelHips Tue 10-Jun-14 11:25:53

Jalon in Spain, villa with pool type thing.

wigglesrock Tue 10-Jun-14 15:11:09

Bring a change of clothes for you & child in your bag for airport/ plane. Have been the victim of many a juice explosion smile

Pick up cheap watering cans etc in Poundland for pottering about the pool with.

Fwiw I really disliked reusable swim nappies (the ones in the swimming costume), they never worked with mine blush . I just used disposable swim nappies which were always more expensive when I was away. So I brought them with me & just bought normal nappies, wipes etc locally.

pickletray Tue 10-Jun-14 15:45:04

Oooh following!

pickletray Tue 10-Jun-14 15:49:43

What shall I take in hand luggage to entertain toddler?

How do i not end up with a ridiculous amount of stuff? Toys and books etc?

Also does anyone know what brands of nappies are there in France? Are the sizes the same?

Islander124 Tue 10-Jun-14 15:58:53

following smile i have activity books for the plane, sticker books, crayola colour magic, a puppet book and loading some of her fave shows on to the ipad...need to start getting her used to headphones!also taing an inflatable beach ball so it can be flat in our luggage and an inflatable for the pool with a wee canopy on it to protect her from sun.taing our sling too so i can just carry her through the busy airport when we get there.

whatsagoodusername Tue 10-Jun-14 16:15:19

Take nappies with you instead of buying them locally. You can fill your suitcase with souvenirs on the way back grin

Northernexile Tue 10-Jun-14 16:15:52

Another one following with interest! We go to France next month. I'm thinking a few episodes of Peppa on the iPad could be useful...

minipie Tue 10-Jun-14 16:44:48

You can get Huggies and Pampers in France as well as other brands. I think in Spain too but pampers are called Dodot.

Islander's plane suggestions are good, though our 18 month old wouldn't tolerate headphones.

Take a monitor - even if you don't use one at home any more, it's useful so you can sunbathe/eat outside while they nap inside.

Multi purpose or small volume toys. So eg stacking cups, tea set, foam puzzles are good as can be pool/bath toys as well as "dry" toys. Aqua draw and inflatables are good as they fold down small.

Clothes - take something easy to pop them in after coming out of the pool/sea - so for our DD we had a jersey dress which was great, just on and go. Crocs or other water suitable shoes.

Blackout stuff if they need dark to sleep. Sunshade for buggy if you intend them to nap in buggy while out & about.

BuzzardBird Tue 10-Jun-14 16:51:57

Colour Wonder is great for the plane as they don't end up covered in ink. Don't forget wet wipes, something to use for a pillow if they get tired. Absolutely no snacks containing chocolate. Carb heavy snacks are good for making them contented. A bottle of water with a sports type top is good to suck on take-off and landing. Don't forget a couple of books for bedtime stories and favourite cartoons on a tablet for times when they might get bored.

SwivelHips Tue 10-Jun-14 20:15:39

I shall start making some lists....hmm just remembered we don't have holiday insurance yet and DS full birth cert hasn't arrived blush
Thanks guys

wigglesrock Tue 10-Jun-14 22:01:58

Have you got your EHIC cards?

Siennasun Tue 10-Jun-14 22:19:26

I bought cheap Carrefour own brand nappies in France. They were exactly the same as English nappies including the size.

Ourma Tue 10-Jun-14 22:27:39

You mentioned a carrier for airport, are you not bringing a buggy? Fold up pushchair would be really handy, you can keep it until ready to board and then they load it. Will be handy for out and about as well while away. Dont underestimate how stressful/painful it'll be carrying a 2 year old around the airport alomg with all the Stuff to keep him entertained. Think of queues and delays. I found security staff etc were always really patient and helpful when you had a buggy.

Ourma Tue 10-Jun-14 22:29:59

Oops sorry OP it wasn't you who mentioned sling for airport. blush Well that's my tip anyway.

SwivelHips Wed 11-Jun-14 20:12:25

I have EHIC cards, for some reason I did them when he was first born. Buggy all the way here, so handy, and if he's not in it I can use it for something else.
Thanks all smile

omuwalamulungi Wed 11-Jun-14 20:25:16

Buy a couple of cheap little new toys to hide in your bag and whenever he gets bored and whiny on the plane or in the airport give him a brand new distraction!

It will be fine smile have a lovely holiday

pickletray Wed 11-Jun-14 21:04:47

EHIC cards! Oh heck! Good point!

A passport for the child would be nice too but that's another thread....

blossomblowing Wed 11-Jun-14 21:31:32

get disposable swim nappies and beach toys once you arrive, take calpol and antihistamine just in case, if you are going to caserio del mirador which is in Jalon dont bother taking anything at all, they will have all of it already, including monitors and blackouts and swim nappies and beach towels, you will have an amazing time.

pickletray Wed 11-Jun-14 22:54:15

islander are you taking buggy as well as carrier? What carrier/sling do you use. We're taking a carrier/sling too. We use one almost all the time (I kind of have stash), haven't used our buggy since before Christmas- if not before. But we are taking the buggy on holiday because i think it will be too hot for babywearing, and it will be useful to be able to put DS down at times. I like the idea of him napping in it out and about - doubt he will though. Just hoping DS is OK with the pushchair. We might be getting given an extra compact one by a friend

We plan to put the buggy with the check-in luggage as there is no extra charge for this, then use the sling in the airport. To be honest I might even take more than one sling.

CampingClaire Thu 12-Jun-14 09:13:59

Toys like Playmobil that can be used in the pool too. Make sure not allergic to the sun tan lotion before you go!! Discovered mine was on a trip to Madeira once and had to pay a fortune in the local chemist for stuff!! She still can't use the majority of brands without becoming itchy!! Unluckily for my bank balance the one that works brilliantly is Clarins!!!

Islander124 Thu 12-Jun-14 15:03:31

we are renting a buggy out there, we never use one at home.also we have a flight the day before to get to glasgow and cant really bring it because of the smaller earlier flight. we use a rose and rebellion carrier, its the only way she will sleep some days smile

lilacmamacat Thu 12-Jun-14 16:21:19

My Mummy's Handbag is great. It's a kind of pop-up book shaped like a handbag with flaps and a removable (cardboard) laptop. My son loves it and it's pretty small so won't take up lots of space in hand luggage. We got ours on Amazon.

Reuseable stickers are good, a couple of books (choose ones with lots to look at rather than just a story), a few sweets to suck in case they have problems with the pressure (or a bottle if you're still using them). We also tried colouring books but he wanted me to do the colouring for him.

Manage post-holiday expectations by making it clear that anything out of the ordinary is a holiday/aeroplane treat, like sweets at 9am or whatever.

Any medication (including Calpol etc) can be taken in hand luggage so if you think you might need it, take it.

Pack a change of clothes including night clothes and any medicines or creams (for eczema etc) if you need them, in case they lose your luggage (I'm looking at you, Lufthansa). Also some kind of waterproof bag (even a large sandwich bag) in case you need somewhere to put barf/pee stained clothes until you get to your destination.

Pack snacks for flight but nothing that is easy to drop into small crevices(like sultanas) or makes too many crumbs.

Be mentally prepared for screaming all through flight (just in case), and if anyone complains, ask them if they would like to look after your child.

Don't feel embarrassed about letting them walk up and down the aisle (my 3yo goes off the visit the cabin crew). Most passengers are pretty friendly and tolerant so long as they don't get their seats kicked in.

SwivelHips Thu 12-Jun-14 22:01:43

Wow, lots of good info thanks again.
tTrue, no idea how DS will be on the flight, he's starting to develop a love of planes in the air but the hair dryer, Hoover etc scare the hell out of him, no idea how he'll react to the engines.
Yes blowing, that's where we're going, mega excited although not shared by dh blush

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