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Caribbean in April - where for 2 weeks

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noramum Sun 11-May-14 23:00:01

We currently think about going to the Caribbean in the next Easter holiday (first two weeks in April I think) for our main holiday. DH often flies to the US and has an indecent amount of Virgin miles we could use at least to cover the flights.

But, we are a bit afraid that 2 weeks on one island are too boring. DH hates sunbathing, he is ok with 2 hours on the beach but needs to do things. Would island-hopping (two islands, one week each) something we can look into? I think DH would like diving, can you do this?

DD will be 7 3/4 by then.

So can anybody recommend the ideal location for a single child with good child activities and some ideas how to spend the day apart from sunbathing.

We normally do self-catering in Europe with lots of independent activities like walking, historic sites and city sightseeing.

AnandaTimeIn Sun 11-May-14 23:15:14

I can recomend Cuba, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. Each one big enough to explore and discover in 2 weeks.

Beaches, mountains, culture, food, historic sites, each one is totally different.

Scuba diving in each one.

Oh, and everywhere you go they love children
and you make local contact so much faster.

I, ve been with DS 3 times, it was brilliant. (He learnt to scuba dive at 15 in D.R.).

foxdongle Sun 11-May-14 23:55:43

We're thinking about it too!
you can definitely do twin centre holidays to the Carribean. we might have a few days in the U.S first and then cruise to the Bahamas as we've never been.

we've been to quite a few islands as one time we went on a cruise-which is the best option if you think your dh could get bored .

We also went to Jamaica stayed at the Beaches Grande sport resort -fabulous food/spa and there was a lot to do there, but all pre-dcs.

In Antigua we stayed at the Jolly beach resort-gorgeous beach, lovely pools, only thing to note the rooms were tiny.

Loved Barbados too - dh likes cricket, there are caves, a monkey forest/wildlife place.

You can dive, but we only snorkel - Tobago and Curacao were amazing for this. Plus there's lots of other watersports.

I loved Margarita -stunning we went to a 25 mile long beach (which you could only get to through a nature reserve by boat) with gorgeous views, massive (warm) waves and about 10 other people!

There are some historic sites too and the people are so friendly, it's worth going for the Carribean Rum cake alone!

noramum Mon 12-May-14 00:14:20

Foxdongle - DH gets seasick. He is ok with a rowing boat or anything small but nothing modern, a ferry is a total nightmare.

Thanks so far, at least it looks as if it is not totally wrong.

specialsubject Mon 12-May-14 14:24:46

if he gets seasick, diving is probably a poor choice unless the venues are all off the beach. Generally you need a boat to get to a dive venue!

bizarre as it seems, most people who get seasick on bigger boats are fine with small sailing dinghies or windsurfing. Perhaps some watersports?

noramum Mon 12-May-14 16:49:20

He is ok with small boats and a short trip trip as long as he is able to be on fresh air. What never goes are ferries or cruises where he has to be inside or overnight.

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