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Santander Spain - advice needed re restaurants and indoor pools/activities

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KateRosevear Wed 07-May-14 16:07:56

We've booked to go to Santander in Spain by Brittany ferries from Portsmouth this year, as the children so enjoyed the ferry experience to Brittany a couple of years ago. We're staying at the Carlos 111 hotel for 5 nights, where the staff sound really helpful. It's near the beach, but my concerns are firstly, if we get wet weather (it is 'green' Spain!), are there any indoor pools/leisure centres in the town (we won't have a car with us), or other child friendly indoor activities? I've struggled to find anything other than vague references to leisure centres while researching on line, and no info about where this or these might be. Secondly, we have a child whose preference is simple food such as fish fingers, nuggets, etc., nothing spicy, 'messed about' or in a sauce! Can anyone recommend suitable restaurants in Santander?

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