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Buggy Ryanair

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MeAuldSegotia Sun 04-May-14 21:22:36

Sorry I know this has been done. Flying Ryanair in the am and DP has me doubting myself. We have a 2 yr old and have checked in car seat. Can we take a buggy without paying for it? Was going to take the Mclaren assuming we could use it in airport up to steps and it would be put in hold. DP thinks u can only do this with an infant ticket and website is not clear? Tx

ilovepowerhoop Sun 04-May-14 21:27:05 - says:

One pushchair per child is carried free of charge no prebooking is required. Pushchairs should preferably be tagged for travel at an Bag Drop Desk these close 40 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time

Artandco Sun 04-May-14 21:31:44

Pram is free. Car seat is £10 each way

MeAuldSegotia Sun 04-May-14 21:50:27

Thanks Ladies

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