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Blinkin Ryanair, blinkin luggage charges....

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rookiemater Sun 04-May-14 08:09:00

Sorry don't mind me just having a bit of a mutter.

Booked 2 x 15kg cases for our hols, but have decided that we could do with 20kg. That's not an option - so the best I can do is book a case for DS - £40.00 each way for a 20kg case!

I know it's my own fault for not thinking it through at the time of booking but I thought Ryanair were meant to be all cuddly and friendly these days, not daylight robbers still. Humph angry.

NB am not expecting any useful response to this, just wanted to have a wee tantrum, I feel better for typing it now.

Onykahonie Sun 04-May-14 09:29:03

Remember you still have your free 10kg of hand luggage each on top of the hold luggage.

Not sure if you've paid for the 20kg yet. If not, are you sure you really need an extra 5kg? We've booked 2x15kg for 4 of us inc. 2 teens this summer. That will be plenty for us along with the 40kg of free hand luggage.

rookiemater Sun 04-May-14 09:45:48

DH reminded me about the particularly nice with wine from the area - hence the need for extra luggage room grin. I'll see if we can get by on the way there and just get an extra bag on the way back I think, but yes the cabin allowance will help.

specialsubject Sun 04-May-14 11:07:58

40kg of hand luggage plus 30kg of hold luggage? Are you emigrating?

good luck lifting all that...

aviation fuel isn't free. Lugging crap about costs money.

you don't need to travel with just a clutch bag but warm weather holidays really don't need huge bags. And if it is REALLY worth risking the wine in the hold, just pay for the return leg.

Might it be cheaper to get a half case of the wine shipped back from your holiday? The winery/vineyard might be able to do this for you - they might even do a mixed case/half case.

rookiemater Sun 04-May-14 18:54:52

Hi - we currently have 30kg of hold luggage and 30kg of hand luggage - but it's difficult to use up a lot of the hand luggage weight due to the size restrictions on the bags.

What can I say? I live in Scotland, we don't see much sun, I like to wear my summer clothes. We have taken wine home before - last time we took 6 bottles in our cases and it was fine. I guess I was just surprised by the fact that we couldn't upgrade our 15kg bags to 20kg ones - 2 x 20kg would have suited us fine.

Oh well - it's definitely a first world problem.

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