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Statue of Liberty

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breward Sat 03-May-14 06:59:27

We have just booked to go up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. The ticket says 2pm.

If you have done this, does 2pm refer to the time you climb to the crown or the time you arrive at the statue?

I believe there is a museum, audio tour etc. How long did you spend at the statue? Will we have time to do Ellis Island too? The FAQ suggests ticket holders with 2pm or later slots are unlikely to have time to visit Ellis Island... Really?

We leave from Battery Park and pick up tickets on the day. What time ferry would you suggest?

Lucyccfc Sat 03-May-14 22:58:09

We did this at Easter and had a 10am booking. This was the time the ferry actually left Battery Park, not anything to do with the time of our visit to the Statue.

You get the ferry over to Liberty Island first. We walked all round the island first, then went to the museum, then did the 'base', which is still quite a trek up a lot of steps, had a loom round and then went up to the Crown. Hope you are fit!

The ferry then takes you to Ellis Island, where people get on and off and then the ferry continues back to Battery Park.

We didn't do Ellis Island, as we had something else to do that afternoon.

Timings - got to the ferry at 9.40, once we got through the queue and security, it was 10.30 before the ferry left. After the visit to Liberty Island, museum etc etc we got back to Battery Park at 1.30.

breward Sun 04-May-14 09:09:55

Thanks for that info. That would make sense, re not having time to do Ellis Island too.

I could not find what 2pm referred to anywhere on their site.

Anyone else been?

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