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School Trip accident

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Jacksons21 Tue 01-Apr-14 16:04:46

My nephew had been on a skiing holiday with his school, he had never skied before he had 4 lessons on a dry slope and upon assessing the group he was put in the top group.
His mum had noted on the paper work he was a beginner. However on the first day after lunch went off piste with the group and my nephew hit a tree with his out reached arm, complained of his wrist hurting to the ski instructor who casually suggested having it looked at. Had not taken him to have it checked out.That evening he had complained to the teacher who led the group saying ' sir you know that tree l hit well my arm hurts' his comment was well is it broken ? Nephews reply I don't know was then told to man up ! He was too afraid to mention his arm again so he carried on skiing the rest of the whole week.
Upon returning home his mum had taken him to A&E to reveal he had fractured his wrist. His parents have written to the school in question but to my knowledge have not had an apology, or written response. I think my sister had spoken to the teacher who basically said it's the sport where these kind of injuries will occur.

If this was my daughter I would be having the schools arse, they have taken this too lightly. It is the schools duty to take care of pupils on school trips, let alone be letting them ski off piste. I won't be letting my daughter go on these trips !

TwentyFourteen Tue 01-Apr-14 16:13:08

Sounds awful, regardless I would have thought any accidents should be taken seriously and written up in an accident log of some sort? Also I wouldn't be writing to the school but meeting with the head pronto!!

MillyMollyMama Wed 02-Apr-14 13:47:17

I cannot believe this would happen in this day and age!!! Unbelievable that no-one could be bothered to get it checked out. Complain - loudly! The teacher will be cross, but they do have a responsibility. They will probably refuse to take another group. The ski instructor is not responsible for the care of the overall group. What was the teacher doing all day anyway? When my children went away, they never skied with the children! They did their own thing.

Jacksons21 Thu 03-Apr-14 17:53:22

There was a teacher in the group that had skied down first but didn't see the accident. Now the school have arranged another ski trip next year my nephew is annoyed with his parents for not allowing him to go. I've tried telling him that the trust between school and parents has been broken therefore wouldn't feel at ease sending him again.

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