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Disneyland Paris for just one day! What not to miss.

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eskinosekiss Sat 29-Mar-14 21:10:36

We are stopping off at Disneyland Paris on our way to our south of France holiday. Just the one full day (will be staying in a Disney hotel the night before, full day in park, then driving for a couple of hours before our next en-route hotel).

Our DS is six. How should we plan our time? Many thanks!

noramum Sun 30-Mar-14 10:46:00

Have a good look here:

You can find a list of the rides and check what is interesting for your DS. We only went to the Disney Park, I can't comment on the Walt Disney one.

If you stay in a Disney Hotel do you have the 2 Magic Hours in the morning? If so, use them to get the most of some rides.

ToAvoidConversation Sun 30-Mar-14 11:09:19

Look ahead for what rides have fast passes. You go to the ride, put your park ticket in and it gives you a time to come back and not have to queue! (For very long), also look ahead for parade times and where characters will be if that interests you.

givemeaclue Sun 30-Mar-14 15:53:23

Fantasy land is great for 6 year olds

WitchOfEndor Sun 30-Mar-14 17:02:37

Yes to Fantasyland and Discoveryland as the main areas for 6 year olds, they are also the areas which open early for Extra Magic Hours for Disney Hotel guests so you can get in from 8 am on most days in the summer. As far as I remember most rides in Fantasyland are open during EMH, but not all in Discoveryland are. Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast is great fun and you can get a fast pass to cut down the wait, Autopia is great fun as they can drive themselves if they are tall enough ( or steer if you work the pedals if they aren't) but you can't get a fast pass there so the queues can be long if you don't get there early.

The Parade starts next to the It's a small world ride so you can walk up to near the turnstiles to get a birds eye view of the parade then nip on the ride before everyone else turns up, it's walk on during the parade. Discoveryland is the best station to get on the Railroad as it's the quietest, don't bother trying to get on it at the main station, you can queue for over an hour. It's worth staying on and doing a full circuit of the park. Casey Jones and Les pays des Conte des Fees usually have pretty short queues, either walk on or no more than 15 minutes, Dumbo queues can be horrendous so get on it first thing, the Teacups aren't usually too bad, other fantasyland rides have fast passes that it's well worth using.

It's well worth checking out Dlprmagic beforehand as it has a guide to each ride, and can tell you what is closed for refurbishment etc, give you opening times, parade times, it updates these all the time. Hope you have a great time!

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 17:04:05

its really quite average, you know

Rosvita Sun 30-Mar-14 19:38:03

Did you book the hotel directly through Disney?-If you did then your park tickets will be valid for the day of arrival and day of departure.If so I would have a meal in Downtown Disney on arrival day and head into the park to slip in a couple of evening rides (as it will be a bit quieter then) and then stay to watch Dreams in front of the castle at park closing.The next morning I'd make use of Extra Magic Hours and was over to the main park-all depends on what you want to do but magic kingdom great for littlies.Also make use of fast passes.Dependent on parade times I'd probably skip over to the studios for lunch (when we went last they had Stars in Cars Parade around 1pm).The studios is great for character meet and greats and has a few good rides for littlies-Slinky Dog,Flying Carpets etc as well as some bigger rides such as the tower of terror (my then 4yo Ds still came on it with me though!).I'd then head back to Magic Kingdom for the main parade which is normally late afternoon/early evening before leaving.For me seeing the castle is the irat and last thing I do there every trip.having not visited disney world yet I love DLP and it is my 'happy place'!Have a fab time.Look at the dlp magic website for loads of I for on ride restrictions,park hours,parade times etc.In 1 day you won't manage it all but with good planning you can certainly fit in a lot.Our last trip was for 1 1/2 days and we managed to fit in more than our previous 3 day trip.

eskinosekiss Mon 31-Mar-14 06:47:55

Thanks everyone! Yes, we are staying in a Disney hotel so will get tickets for both days, and the extra magic hours. Our crossing is at 11.00 so we will be able to head to the park on the day we arrive so we will do that.

Fantasyland and Discoveryland it is then!

Rosvita Mon 31-Mar-14 10:02:43

Dependant on your budget a character meal is great for a meet and greet with the characters without having to queue for hours - the cheapest being Cafe Mickey in downtown disney (£42 to have breakfast there instead of at your hotel although it may mean you miss out on some/all of Extra Magic Hours) or you could have a relatively cheap lunch there if say you shared 2 pizzas.All the characters come to your table (traditional characters like mickey,Minnie,Pluto etc).Auberge is great for a princess meal but lots of £££ as is Inventions.Just thought I'd mention it in case that would be something you'd be interested in.have a fab time.

HermioneWeasley Mon 31-Mar-14 15:36:32

The "cars moteurs, action" stunt show is likely to be popular with a 6 year old boy. Also pirates of the caribbean, phantom manor and buzz light year ride. If he's a bit more adventurous he might also enjoy thunder mountain.

Plan ahead to make next use of rides that are open in extra magic hours and fast pass.

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