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Absolute nightmare with childs passport renewal - help

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karenbails Sat 29-Mar-14 09:43:05

I need to speak to Peterborough office I have been waiting for a call since Wednesday and when it came friday I missed it by a second and now i am back to square 1. We fly in a week and I am desperate as it is held there awaiting response to a letter from my countersignature who is on holiday. The whole thing is awful

ilovepowerhoop Sat 29-Mar-14 13:42:32

0845 129 0055
01733 555254

dont know if they work but they came up when I googled

ilovepowerhoop Sat 29-Mar-14 13:47:56

01733 888070

another one I found

karenbails Sat 29-Mar-14 16:18:29

Thank you so much I will try Monday. I have also googled but these numbers look slightly different . My local pm has been amazing and is also going to try to help .

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