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Driving test nerves!

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Mrshicken1 Thu 20-Mar-14 12:23:14

Hi all.

I am 24, mother of one 2yo and guardian to 14yo niece. Since moving from the seaside back to the city I've found juggling a toddler, teenager and general tasks to be a massive pain in the butt regarding public transport. Been doing driving lessons for about a year and recently booked my test. I am petrified! As soon as the word test pops into my head I go to pieces sad Does anyone have any tips on how to calm my nerves on the day. What worked for you? TYIA

libertyflip Thu 20-Mar-14 12:29:26

Hi, I took my test a few months ago. I listened to a Glenn Harrold relaxation cd every night for a few weeks before my test, took rescue remedy just before my test and asked my instructor to sit in on the test with me. The test had become almost a phobia for me and I had booked and cancelled/not turned up for several tests over a period of years.

I also told myself on the day that I was just going for a practice run to see what the test was like before trying 'properly' next time. It sounds daft but it really helped me.
Good luck, it can be done.

somedizzywhore1804 Thu 20-Mar-14 12:42:27

I found my test better than the lessons. Just remember if you fail, you can do it again and that there are loads of people who fail multiple times (DH passed on his 6th attempt and he's a really good driver now).

Mrshicken1 Thu 20-Mar-14 16:24:38

Thank you for the replies. I will definitely check out the relaxation cds, my test is not for another 5 weeks so hopefully they will do some good smile

RaspberryRuffle Thu 20-Mar-14 21:27:11

Just wishing you luck.
Think of a person you know who is really unflappable, who always seems to keep their cool, and imagine you are them, channel your inner calm.
Also, relaxation techniques of some description, are you generally calm and mainly worried about the driving test, or are you generally very nervous with exams etc? Test out Kalms or Rescue Remedy.
Another thing which is pretty minor, but wear clothes you're comfortable in and make you feel confident if that's the kind of thing that helps you.
And if it doesn't go as planned you can always do it again. It's not like failing a school/uni exam where you might have to wait months to resit, if that's even possible. This is a driving exam, you can drive, you will get there. You're a mum and guardian to your niece so you have already managed to do something that I think is a lot scarier than a driving test! Go on. I actually thought your nickname was Mrs Chicken but you're not chicken!

NigellasDealer Thu 20-Mar-14 21:29:23

what really worked for me was making a pint of camomile tea, with 2 or 3 t bags the night before, and drinking it down as a draught in the morning before the test. It really works!

Mrshicken1 Fri 21-Mar-14 22:05:32

Thank you Rasperry, your post was really encouraging ! Made me feel a lot better and a lot less nervous. Made me laugh about the mrs chicken thing cos that's how I same my name over the phone if people can't hear me properly, I say it's just 'Chicken without the C' lol! Thank you Nigellas, Chamomile is great for relaxing me but makes me super sleep sad xx

Needtochillax Fri 21-Mar-14 22:20:52

Hello, I feel your pain and was so very nervous to take my driving test too. It took me many attempts to build up to it!

Much like the advice already given here, have a relaxing bath the night before, try taking kalms/rescue remedy. Take deep breaths, do some stretches and most importantly be easy on yourself.

Remember, if you don't pass this time, you can always book a test again. It's all experience and at least the next time you will know what to expect.

Don't forget the test will last for only 40mins, this will seem like nothing!

During my test I thought I had failed within 20 mins which in a way helped as I had lost my nerves thinking that nothing really matters any more! Turns out I did pass and I was just being paranoid!

The examiners aren't out to get you, they want people to pass. I can remember telling mine I was very nervous and he said so was he. It takes a lot of trust to get into a car with a stranger! In essence it's just a driving test, all they want to see is that you can drive the car, perform some manoeuvres safely and can understand basic road layouts.

Needtochillax Fri 21-Mar-14 22:21:55

P.s. I thought it was mrs chicken too!

Mrshicken1 Tue 25-Mar-14 10:23:37

Thank you for all the replies. I am just going into this test casually and treating it as a more intense version of a mock test. Like you guys said, there's nothing to say I can't keep taking until I pass. Really appreciate the support guys. It is a very big deal to me due to low confidence but I oughta not take it too seriously. Fingers crossed smile

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