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Augustwedding Tue 18-Mar-14 16:31:11

My stbh and I are looking into going on safari next year, pref around Easter as stbh is a teacher.

We are thinking Botswana or Namibia. Anyone have any recommendations for companies or other destinations to go with/to.

Don't really know where to start so any advice appreciated.

minipie Tue 18-Mar-14 18:39:12

We went on a safari booked through Imagine Africa, I'd recommend them as they have a decent variety of mid range to expensive (there aren't really many budget safari options) and they were good at responding to queries.

I haven't been to those countries but they look amazing!

My impression is that you need to decide between going to the parks were you will be guaranteed to see lots of animals, but where there will be more tourists, versus the parks which are less busy but also less chance of seeing animals. That said I think the whole of Namibia and Botswana probably fall into the "not too busy" category.

Also watch out for the rainy seasons - I know the east coast countries have the "long rains" March to May. Not sure about Botswana and namibia though.

You will need to take anti malarials and no TTCing allowed until they are out of your system. If this is a problem then look at some of the smaller safari parks in south africa (not the kruger but ones nearer cape town and the south coast) which are non malarial.

MillyMollyMama Tue 18-Mar-14 22:55:47

We have been to Botswana a couple of times and the last time we used Steppes Travel. Do use a specialist safari company. The best time for game viewing is probably June to August in Botswana as this is before the rainy season which starts in October. April is ok though but the game might be more spread out. I have not been to Namibia but Botswana has several different areas such as the Kalahari, the Okavango, Chobe, Savuti and Moremi so you need to choose the best area for the time of year. We have used Expert Africa before and found them knowledgeable. Botswana IS expensive as camps are small, park entry fees are high but service is of a high standard. Going into the Okavango is magical and I would definitely include this. Namibia has more to see than safari destinations but in my opinion Botswana is better for a safari holiday.

singaporefling Tue 18-Mar-14 23:26:23

Completely different area but we went to Ulusaba in Kruger National Park - it was all incredible in every way...

HippoCritic Wed 19-Mar-14 04:34:58

I worked in Botswana on a safari lodge (now sadly closed down) and would reccomend the country as a whole. Nowadays though, I think the Adventure Company is supposed to have good trips/safaris.

Augustwedding Wed 19-Mar-14 07:23:08

Thank you so much for all the info! We are not set on any particular location so will look at all suggestions.

Thank you for advice re TTC as we might start trying around then so if we decide to go we'll delay by a few months.

Stbh excited about looking at all ideas now! Thank you x

alseb Sat 22-Mar-14 21:42:47

I went with DH to Namibia about 12 years ago. We flew to Windhoek and hired a small car. We had about a month touring/camping. It is a spectacular country. Look at Estosha National Park, Walvis Bay, Skeleton Coast and the amazing Dunes. We also went into Botswana and along the Caprivi Strip into Zimbabwe. Saw Victoria Falls from a micro light. We planned it all ourselves and did not use a specialist company. I really would recommend Namibia. I have some wonderful safari memories.

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