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Belfast passport office direct number

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Brummum89 Mon 17-Mar-14 21:19:20

At wits end now applied for daughters passport in january they contacted countersignature via letter 2 weeks ago which was received last week have a holiday booked for next thurs have contacted 0300 number numerous times no help at all keep promising me a call back and nothing been told application is in belfast need their direct number.. Please help?!

ilovepowerhoop Mon 17-Mar-14 21:22:54

028 9078 9550 comes up on the saynoto0870 website

annabellasharif Sun 06-Apr-14 08:45:21

I am desperate to find the Belfast passport office direct line number as still not received my son's passport and we are travelling on Tuesday? Did you find it in the end?

ALIZZYuk Wed 09-Apr-14 23:01:14

Hi did you have any luck with the Belfast passport office we desperately need to contact them and urgently need the telephone number. Have tried the 0300 numbers with no luck.


Italy123 Thu 10-Apr-14 08:03:51

Hi found this on another thread, it is in polish but has all the direct numbers for passport offices. Hth, I am still awaiting my dd's passport sent 10weeks ago so I feel everyone's pain!

Aims94 Fri 11-Apr-14 20:10:40

I need help! I have booked to visit my family in America on 25th of April. I have been ringing everyone tells me different things, say they can't put me through! Everything is done via email. I am panicking! I keep getting you will receive a cal back in 48 hours. It's bank holiday my passport is in the Glasgow office I think.

I have no hope that I am going to get my passport back in time!!! I am whiling to pay whatever. They received my passport on the 31st March.

Has anyone got a direct number or even get a call back?

Nojox Thu 12-Jun-14 11:39:40

Desperately looking for the Belfast number too! Any joy?

sunshinehopeful Thu 19-Jun-14 11:48:03


Belfast Passport Office

marina6609 Fri 20-Jun-14 15:28:52

Thankyou so much to sunshinehopeful for the Belfast passport office phone number. Got straight through, no options or anything and was dealt with by a lovely lady who informed me that passports were off to print! Thanks again, and to anyone struggling with the passport office, call 02890789464 !

sunshinehopeful Fri 20-Jun-14 19:40:30

You're very welcome smile

Yes the belfast ppl are super helpful and pleasant.

ClairelStrachan Fri 27-Jun-14 14:01:22

I am waiting for my daughters first passport, its at the belfast office. How long did you wait for your child's first passport? We travel in 3 weeks time on our first family holiday.

chocchoc30 Fri 27-Jun-14 20:54:43

I've been waiting nearly 6 weeks we fly 6am sunday morning and we still don't have it.
It's currently being fast tracked and it should be with us tomorrow.

holsonhold Mon 30-Jun-14 09:47:03

so worried, stressed and panicking, cannot get through to belfast passport office where my sons passport is, due to go away this sunday and getting told a different story from each person i get through to on the helpline, no call backs despite bring promised 2 of them, am furious with the government for causing this problem, even more furious that they have moved 250 people to help deal with the passport process backlog, but they have also taken on 650 more people to answer the helpline and fill desperate applicants with numerous different tales none of which are correct. surely it would have made far more sense to take 650 to help with the backlog and correctly train the people on helpline? if anyone has any suggestions on what i can do next i would appreciate the advice i am not sleeping with the worry from all this.

Mckris2003 Mon 30-Jun-14 21:09:13

Is this defo the right number for the Belfast office thanks kris

jojoxxxx Tue 01-Jul-14 12:08:12

That number is continually engaged. I tried a couple of others I found online with no luck. Renewal been there 3 weeks, travel in 3 weeks time. Mixed messages from passport office. Any other numbers for Belfast???

nut3lla Wed 02-Jul-14 07:38:38

I'm also having same problems with a baby's first passport sent away 4th June. Went to Belfast not Glasgow where it was supposed to!?
Called that 0300 number numerous times to be told of call backs! Never bloody call me back. I've now contacted my MP, MSP & decided what the hell I might as well fire off an email to Theresa May herself so fingers crossed I hear something today. Local papers have taken an interest as there are clearly still massive problems in actual passport offices. Photographer coming at midday today. Yeah they've got loads of people answering the phone but what use is that!!!?? I'll post later if it works & I get passport. Had replies from both MP's saying they've phoned HMPO. We are supposed to leave on Friday!!!

nut3lla Wed 02-Jul-14 11:52:52

10.30am passport on its way to me by special delivery. So fingers crossed it gets here tomorrow! Amazing what emailing everyone you can think of does, I must try this again (I NEVER complain about anything ever!). Try same is my advice. I can now get packing. I've been so worried I didn't know what to do - pack/pack for DP & Other DS? Maybe I can cancel that photographer too...! Eek never really thought that one out!

elise1501 Fri 04-Jul-14 11:26:28

I too am at my wits end and terribly distressed. I have been waiting for a call back from Belfast for 5 days and have heard nothing !!!! I have put through a call back request and 2 escalated call back requests and still nothing. I feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall. Please can you let me know how long you had to wait for your call back ?? In this instance they gave me the wrong details and told me to send info to Peterborough when my application is in Belfast. I am at a loss and can't see how I can resolve the situation.

elise1501 Fri 04-Jul-14 18:53:41

Following my last post - I wanted to update incase there is anyone else out there with a passport nightmare. After 5 days I finally got a call back from Belfast. They have been super helpful and the person I spoke to even gave me her mobile number so I can catch up on progress next week. I expect my issue to be sorted out in Monday so I can go in person next week. I had no faith while I was speaking with the general advice line but since getting hold of Belfast feel confident I will get my passport in time.

Nicole1234 Mon 14-Jul-14 10:28:57

Any other new number as no success on this one? Thank yousmile

Nicole1234 Mon 14-Jul-14 10:29:22

Any other new number as no success on this one? Thank yousmile

Nicole1234 Mon 14-Jul-14 10:36:18

Sent my son's application on 3rd of June and still waiting for a call back for the 3rd time but they never calledsad Going in 5 days time, very stressed as tried all numbers I can find for Belfast office with no successsad Anybody's hot a number I can try???

Nicole1234 Mon 14-Jul-14 11:20:49

Very desperate to speak to anybody in Belfast office as going in 5 days time but no one's helpful to answer me in 0300 to tell me why my son's passport is not moving from examiner's table since June 5. Would you be so kind to ask her if she can help us too?

Mellytots Mon 14-Jul-14 12:29:33

Hi Nicole I'm shocked the 0300 number won't help you! Call them again and tell them your travel date, they should contact the dept straight away and ask for a fast track! This is what's happened to me but mine is in Liverpool. They will call and advise you when it's being sent! There's a forum at the moment called Passport turnaround 2 and there are lots of Belfast numbers on it, just scroll through messages. Also contact your local MP and ask for help, you will need to call now as it's too late to email. In many cases they have been able to get passports sent out in 48 hours.
Best of luck to you, I feel your pain as I'm also travelling in 5 days and only found out today they are fast tracking mine for 48 hour delivery.

Mellytots Mon 14-Jul-14 12:39:23

Hi Nicole just found these two numbers for Belfast, hope they work x

0845 6019031

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