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How much spending money per day for a Keycamp type holiday in France?

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MrsJoeHart Sat 15-Mar-14 14:26:34

Our plan is to have breakfast and lunch each day on the site, probably lovely fresh baguette, cheese, ham etc and some meals in the evening, but some evening meals eating out. Three dc's from 11 - 15, so not really kid sized portions. I don't want to be counting every penny and be able to say yes to ice creams and a beer at lunch time. How much would you take per day?

mumma24 Sat 15-Mar-14 17:12:18

Sounds fab, which camp are you staying at? £100 to £130???

makemineapinot Sun 16-Mar-14 18:51:06

Yes, you'd probably need that a day unless kids take their own money for icecreams etc! On our last camping holiday I changed £800 and brought back nearly £100 and that was just me and 2 dc but we ate out a lot. I usually take cereal, pasta, and other non perishables as they can be expensive in camp site shops. Ok if you're driving and can stock up in a hypermarket!! BBQs outside in the sun are lovely and cheap! We used to have croissants for breakfast, baguette and cheese/ham at lunch then a BBQ or meal out in the evening but most socialising in the evening was with neighbours in the vans next to us - kids ran about then crashed on a blanket watching a DVD before giving in and being out to bed!! As they got older that morphed into going to the "arcade" - 1 games machine and tv area!!! Obviously yours will be staying up later and into other things!

MrsJoeHart Tue 18-Mar-14 00:23:46

Brilliant and thanks. We haven't done this type of holiday for a few years, the dc's were much younger, now they're older and the sods will keep eating! I think I'll budget for £1000 for a week and a bit more for petrol, tolls etc. The kennels for the dogs adds about £300 on top too. It all adds up, but then in a few years time the eldest won't want to come and we'll miss having family holidays so I want to enjoy the next few years.

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