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UV suit or not?

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BobbyO Thu 13-Mar-14 23:19:29

Going on holiday abroad for the first time as a family in the summer. I am unsure whether to buy my 2DS (4yrs and 8 yrs) UV suits. Don't want to waste my money if they don't end up wearing them. Will they end up just wearing shorts and no top? Surely sun cream will protect in the same way the suits do? As a child I only wore shorts/swim costume abroad and it never did me any harm. Does anyone recommend UV suits or are they a waste? What do others put their DC in on holiday?

Hersetta Fri 14-Mar-14 07:50:37

I probably wouldn't get a suit for the 8 yr old. A uv rash top and long board shorts will be fine. I would for the 4 yr old though as you can pick nice ones up in supermarkets or m and s.

Lagoonablue Fri 14-Mar-14 07:52:22

For little ones far easier than having to keep reapplying sun cream. Make sure you get a proper uv suit though not just a one that looks like one. Not all give protection.

JonathanGirl Fri 14-Mar-14 08:01:34

Mine wear them on the beach/in the (outdoor) pool, only for swimming basically - I find them v practical.

I prefer just a UV top with normal bikini bottoms/shorts though,rather than a whole suit - I like their shoulders and backs to be protected, but use sun cream for other exposed bits.

I was actually considering getting a UV top for myself and dh too this year, as we usually end up in the sea in our t shirts (Dh got badly burned one year, and now won't take his top off ever when swimming outside). Struggling to find men's UV tops though.

RockySpeed Fri 14-Mar-14 08:11:56

If you search for men's rash vests you'll find tonnes grin

Seeline Fri 14-Mar-14 08:23:49

I always used them when my DCs were little - right up until DD was 8 actually. So easy and less hassle than all-over suncream. Now they are older they still have tops to protect their shoulders in the water. I think they probably work out cheaper than all the sun cream smile

ilovepowerhoop Fri 14-Mar-14 08:29:58

havent ever used them for dd and ds and they are 10 and 7

SooticaTheWitchesCat Fri 14-Mar-14 10:30:47

I had them for my girls when they were toddlers up until about 4 but I haven't used them for a while, I just cover them with high factor sun cream. My girls are olive skinned though and they tan very easily, if they were pale and tended to burn I would probably use uv suits still.

noramum Fri 14-Mar-14 10:37:25

DD hated wearing it in the water, she was getting so cold in wet clothes.

We had her in a swimsuit and lots and lots of suncream. She then wore the UV suit on the beach digging in the sand far away from the sunshade.

As she wasn't allowed in the water without DH or me (beach not hotel pool) it wasn't too much changing clothes all the time.

CMOTDibbler Fri 14-Mar-14 10:51:44

I use them for me and ds in this country. Much easier than having to keep plastering sun cream on when in and out of the pool, and no worries about rubbing patches off on the sand etc.

Mine is from Lion in the Sun (who do mens as well)

JonathanGirl Fri 14-Mar-14 11:59:33

I suppose what I should have said was it was difficult to find cheap mass-produced supermarket-quality men's ones! grin All the ones I can find cost about £30 - kiddy ones are £6 in Tesco.

Maybe DC can get him a nice one for Father's day or something.

Indith Fri 14-Mar-14 12:10:07

Mine wear them loads in the summer, beach, garden etc. I prefer separates though so they can just wear the top and shorts.

BraveMerida Fri 14-Mar-14 12:11:24

Where abroad are you going op? If it is equatorial , definitely use sun suits and sun hat and cream. You can fry in no time at some locations.

specialsubject Fri 14-Mar-14 12:36:54

you can fry in no time in the Med, and unprotected pale kids fry after 5:30 if suncream isn't used. I used to be a rep and I saw it!

there are plenty of cheap rash vests around in both adult and kids sizes. Use them, and keep slapping on the cream. Rashies are cheaper than sun cream!

BTW they cool the body, so don't sit in a breeze in them.

tanning makes leather. Let your kids make that choice later.

PinkLemons Fri 14-Mar-14 12:47:58

We live in the Middle East and DD age 4 uses UV suits for swimming, playing on the beach or just playing out if there isn't much shade. I prefer the separate top and bottoms as it's a pain getting the full body one on and off when it's wet!

It's saved a fortune in sun cream as I only need to put it on the exposed bits. I also got ones with matching hats to protect her head and neck.

Mutley77 Fri 14-Mar-14 12:58:05

We live in Australia and most kids here (even up to and over DD (9)'s age) wear UV rash vests - long sleeve - with either board shorts for boys or bikini bottoms (and sometimes board shorts too) for girls.

I think it is great as it minimises the need for sunscreen and fully protects them in full sun for as long as they want to be out and about. I am not sure about the suits as I haven't used those since the kids were toddlers, but definitely rash vests if they want to be swimming in the sun all day.

BobbyO Fri 14-Mar-14 16:30:08

We're going to Lanzarote. My 8 yr old is olive skinned (like me, who tans very easily in the British weather). My 4 yr old is pale and blonde so I guess I should invest in a UV top for him so he doesn't burn and it'll give me peace of mind. Just not sure he'll wear one if big brother isn't. I suppose I could sell it if he doesn't end up wearing it.

specialsubject Fri 14-Mar-14 17:47:01

enlist the help of the 8 year old, who should also be wearing a rash vest and a ton of suncream.

Lanzarote is at 29 degrees north. Slap it on.

beanandspud Fri 14-Mar-14 19:49:32

DS wears a rash vest and swim shorts abroad. They are in and out of the water so often that it's safer than relying on sunscreen for shoulders and back.

I plaster him head to toe in Factor 50 before he gets dressed in the morning and let him run around naked in the apartment for 10 mins whilst it dries. Then reapply during the day - especially face, ears, back of neck. The Canaries is likely to be very hot and I'd be surprised if your 8yo is the only one in a rash vest.

Don't forget hats and sunglasses and have a great time! [sun]

Nocomet Fri 14-Mar-14 20:15:46

Lion in the sun UV jackets are brilliant for sitting by or in the baby pool with toddlers. You can unzip them and still not get bright read shoulders.

We all have rash vests, jackets I live in mine, even in Majorca where everyone else is in bikinis because I burn. DD1 is fairly careful, DD2 doesn't burn anything like as easily. DH usually wears his in the sea. Very useful if body boarding or snorkelling (both brilliant ways of frying).

They are called rash vests because salt, sand, sun and the grippy surface on a body board do indeed give you a rash. DH found this out the first time he did any serious wave riding.

dancingnancy Sat 15-Mar-14 17:51:45

My kids always use UV suits as we holiday often and have lived in hot countries. In fact I couldn't get them to take their UV tops off, even n n door pools.

Many kids hate and whine at getting cream on, sticking a top on is usually much easier, quicker and you don't miss bits or it gets rubbed off easily.

dancingnancy Sat 15-Mar-14 17:54:30

Oh, and I'm the same. One fair skinned, blond child and one dark haired more olive skinned one. The darker one wears the uv tops as well. You can still burn and damage your skin if you are darker.

Cringechilli Sun 16-Mar-14 19:00:28

Uv suits great IMO for both ages.
I got a 2 piece uv suit (really nice, easy for toilet) from m and a for just £10 about 3 years ago. Both kids worn loads.

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