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Peloponnese (Greece) - Looking for your best where to stay recommendations

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iwantavuvezela Thu 13-Mar-14 10:00:31

We are looking at flying to athens or kalamate sometime in August, and am wondering if anyone has been here and can recommend somewhere to stay. We have a DD (7), so if possible a place that has a pool, or within walking distance from the beach.

HAs anyone driven from athens to Peloponnese? Not sure whether to fly to Kalamata, or hire a car in Athens and enjoy the drive.

Any recommendations, or advice gratefully received!

janinlondon Thu 13-Mar-14 10:15:01

Try searching Mumsnet for Stoupa......lovely.

iwantavuvezela Thu 13-Mar-14 18:08:16

Thanks for that, will explore the options you mentioned on earlier thread l...

watermint Thu 13-Mar-14 18:23:57

Google 'saint Fridays koroni'(sorry cant link), we stayed in one of their villas a few years ago and it was heavenly. Pretty basic-no pool- but walking distance to beach/olive groves/village.

We drove from athens but honestly id just fly to kalamata if I was you. The drive was quite stressful as greek drivers can be a bit crazy.

Enjoy, such a beautiful part of greece.

eightytwenty Thu 13-Mar-14 18:31:54

Know the Peloponese well, especially Stoupa. Have driven from Athens several times - but before the new motorway to Kalamata. Journey time much quicker now.

Thoroughly recommend Villa to Kyma for a high end place to stay.

NigellasDealer Thu 13-Mar-14 18:35:13

another vote for Koroni here.
and a little village called Agios Andreas on the road from Kalamata to Koroni as well, i mean there is not much there, just a beach campsite and some pensions and tavernas, but we spent a very happy holiday there.

BlueChampagne Mon 17-Mar-14 13:39:45

We used to get the bus from Athens to stay with friends in Kalamata (before DCs). Would probably drive now - I expect the worst bit will be getting out of Athens. Yes, Greek drivers are a bit crazy - remember to respect the bus drivers!

Methone, Korone and Navarino are all nice. Kardamyli too but a bit more remote.

castlesintheair Sun 23-Mar-14 22:05:28

I stayed in a great place in Kardymili 3 years ago. Will try and link. Lovely place.

The drive is a doddle from Athens if a bit windy in places.

castlesintheair Sun 23-Mar-14 22:12:35

Search for Anniska and Liakoto. Vardia hotel also v nice.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Tue 25-Mar-14 10:14:44

Stoupa is lovely, a really nice unspoilt Greek seaside village.

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